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How To Build A Perfect Skin Care Routine

Taking care of skin is a must especially if you want to stay young and beautiful. When you take care of the skin well it will make it look good and glowing. The first thing is to know about your skin type and then follow a proper routine. If you have dry, oily, sensitive, and normal or combination skin you have to understand how to take care of these little details regarding the skin type. Here are some of the things which you can do to build up a perfect skincare routine.

Cleaning Normal/Combination Skin

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If you have got combination skin don’t just grab any soap that is in your washroom. It is also not a wise move to buy all the fancy and expensive products that are available in the market. You have to find a skincare product that can suit the needs of your skin. You need to have a gentle cleanser or soap which doesn’t contain any chemicals. It will clean your pores deeply and make your skin look beautiful.

Cleaning Dry Skin

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For dry skin, you can use a cleanser that doesn’t contain any alcohol or fragrance. The harsh ingredients can make your skin even drier. You should wash your skin gently and rinse it with warm water. Using hot water can be very bad for the skin as it takes out essential oils from the skin. You can try to exfoliate your skin and it will keep your skin soft and smooth.

Cleaning Oily Skin

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You can use an oil-free cleanser and wash your face and once you have done that use plenty of warm water to rinse it. You can use a toner as well as astringent after the cleanser and it will prevent acne or any dark spots on the skin.

Cleaning sensitive skin

sensitive skin

You can wash your face with a gentle cleanser and then rinse it with water. The best thing will be to not rub your skin with the towel and it will be better to just pat it dry. Exfoliating sensitive skin can only make matters worse for you.



The most important thing for your skin is moisture. However, you may not need a moisturizer if you are very young or your skin is very oily. At the same time, no matter what type of skin you have kept it moisturized will be useful. If you are suffering from the problem of acne you can use a moisturizer that doesn’t have much of oil but has the capacity to keep your skin soft.

Put on sunscreen


If you are one of those people who like to go out on a beach and enjoy long hours wearing sunscreen is very important. There may be few elements of sunscreen in your moisturizer too but it is always helpful to have something that can give you plenty of protection against the sunlight. You should purchase a sunscreen that features SPF 30 and wear it every day as well.

How often should you wash?

Washing your face a bit too much will keep your skin very dry so washing it once a day is the best choice for everyone. You can rinse your face with lukewarm water in the morning. However, if you are one of those people who is into workouts will most probably sweat a lot. Using a cleanser will help you a lot.

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