day 26. the budget freeze in the United States: President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats have come up in the dispute over the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, not one step closer. Meanwhile, the “Shutdown” to the longest government has become a standstill the US history and has many of the 800,000 affected Federal brought staff in a real emergency. Because you need to work in either free of charge or on unpaid forced leave, were sent, not know more many, as they feed their families, and bills to pay. To be able to have at least the bare minimum pay, take some of them to be Concerned, every Job you can find.

“Shutdown” forcing a lawyer for the room rental

Cheryl Inzunza Blum, Arizona works on behalf of the government as a lawyer at the immigration court in Tucson. Because the government no longer paid because of the budget freeze, rents a room on Airbnb, as they told the news Agency Associated Press (AP). You have no choice but to work as remains unpaid on the court, because some of their clients are detained or hearings had, and therefore dependent on it, says Blum. But you have bills to pay: fees for the bar Association, professional liability insurance and a phone bill of more than $ 500 for the last two months because they had to call someone in your activity so much.

Normally, the lawyer, your cost of the government in a statement, reports AP. But since the beginning of the “shutdown” on 22. December of last year, have sent to the competent office the checks. “So after I’ve worked all day in court, I’m going home and make the room super clean because they arrive tonight,” says Blum about your Airbnb tenants. “I have a young man who visited the city for Cycling, and he is coming tomorrow and staying a week,” she adds. “I’m thrilled, because it means instant money. As soon as you check in, the next day, some money on my account.”

armed border wall

“I’m going to Buy medications or food?” Government closure has dramatic consequences

By Marc Drewello

Blum has tapped according to the AP one out of every imaginable source, in order to keep above water, even their children are in high school and College age. Now you think about it, driving for the taxi services Uber and Lyft.

Chris George from Hemet, California makes the already. The 48-Year-old is on administrative leave, according to the report from his Job as a senior forest technician for the U.S. Department of agriculture. He drives for Lyft, earned only about ten dollars an hour and must pay for the petrol for his car.

He had just learned that he will get $ 450 unemployment benefits per week, but so far nothing of it, George says the news Agency. In the meantime, he’ll take a craftsman or other opportunity to work wherever he could. “I just do side jobs when they arise. Last week, I have two, what will this week, I don’t know.”

“It is embarrassing to ask for money”

the air force veteran George Jankowski is one of those that need to get her on all possible Ways of cash. He is receiving a weekly unemployment benefit of $ 100, but it is hardly enough to pay for food and petrol, he reports the AP. Last Monday, he had earned 30 Dollar by helping a friend out of Cheyenne in the state of Wyoming from an apartment on the third floor, off.