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Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Arriving On Switch In April

TinyBuild Games will be bringing more horror to the Nintendo Switch. According to the latest updates, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm will be arriving soon. If you are excited to play this game, then read the post to find out more about it.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Release Date

The players can now experience all of the weird horrors of a fast food joint. The video game will be packed with all the latest updates that it has received so far. The game developers will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on April 7th, 2022. You can enjoy the latest trailer of the game and get to know more about it.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Gameplay

The players will survive the night shift and will be playing the restaurant’s new manager. You will be given the task to grill cheeseburgers and fry a potato. The task of serving drinks to the customers will also be a major task in the video game. The players can lure the new diners into a not-at-all terrifying domain. Make sure to use the chance of upgrading the restaurant’s equipment.

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Prevent fires, unclog toilets, and get rid of the rats to make sure that a clean environment is maintained. It is important to maintain a clean eating space if you want to win every level. Serve the best meals in town and get the chance to become the employee of the month. The restaurant will have plenty of hiding dark secrets and mutant mascots.

Tips To Beat The Levels Of Happy’s Humble Burger

  • Confront Happy’s Barnyard Buds to make sure that they grow too unruly. Avoid Charlie the Chillin’ Chicken’s egg bombs to beat every level. Petey the Portly Pig’s explosive burgers are available to sell as they are a part of the dreadful fast-food routine.
  • Make sure to escape the Farmer’s deadly scythe. You will have to swim for your life if you wish to escape from the mauling jaws of Sammy the Surly Salmon.
  • Satiate Happy the Humble Heifer’s hunger by satisfying the patrons. It is a must to correctly fill each order. Fear the mascot’s macabre fury after you have made the three strikes.
  • Get puke patties in hand as this disgusting meal will allow you to appease her wrath. Discover the dark secrets in the game by getting to know more about the killer cow.
  • Tune in to local television and talk radio stations. The players will have to wander through New Elysian City. Look for the secret tapes and look for the research papers that will provide you with all the clues. Discover about the horrors that are hidden from sight.
  • Don’t lose grip on reality because the secrets behind the restaurant’s success will be coming to light before clocking out.
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