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Modern homes look more beautiful with some special window treatments like the zebra shades

To install the most modern and stylish shades at your home, you must look beyond the traditional range of horizontal shades and blinds and opt for the zebra shades. The zebra shades look highly stylish and exclusive, and to know what are zebra shades exactly; please go to this article.

Zebra shades are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality and are appropriate for modern households. The design of zebra shades allows excellent light control like the horizontal blinds and looks just as much beautiful as the fabric roller shades.

What are zebra shades?

Made from solid weave fabric that creates bands of alternating colors that are the ideal window treatments for modern homes, zebra shadesoffer the best mix of precise light control and beauty. The versatility of Zebra shades makes them suitable for any home in a modern or contemporary setting, with their roots embedded in the traditional design of window shades.  Usually made from soft sheer fabrics, there is a touch of traditional décor in the shades despite its highly modern looks.

Zebra shades are either manually operated or motorized. For the manual type of shades, you can adjust the shade opening to control the amount of light entry by simply pulling the chain. You can make fine adjustments to the gaps to restrict light entry, which is not possible with roller shades. The zebra shades are a notch above the horizontal blinds and roller shades because of their superior functionality and design.

How do zebra shades work?

Zebra shades consist of a combination of solid fabrics and sheer in a single shade. You can completely cut off light entry or allow the required amount of light to pass through the shades with the proper adjustment, just as would do any regular blinds. The shades come in two different color bands that alternate their position to open or close the shades to look like the zebra stripes. The shades remain encapsulated in a cassette valance and can be raised entirely or lifted to allow an unobstructed view of the outside. By choosing room darkening fabrics, you can completely cut off the entry of natural light by lowering the shades to the fullest that closes the vanes completely.

Fabric options

You will find a lot of variety in colors, textures, and fabrics for the Zebra shades. Depending on the overall color scheme of the indoor where you want to install the shades, you can choose and a color range that integrates with the existing color scheme to create a uniform appeal.  Depending on the level of privacy you need, you can differ the selection of fabrics of the different rooms for complete customization. From plain colors of varied shades to geometric designs, all kinds of options are open for you.

UV protection

Besides the color and texture of fabrics, look into its UV-resistant quality to use the shades to protect your furniture and floors from the harmful sun rays. By selecting the suitable material, you can block up to 99% of UV rays.

For the awesome looks of your home with some special window treatment, you must choose zebra shades.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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