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Haikyuu Chapter 396 Release Date, Spoilers, And Recap

Haikyuu is a Japanese Manga that has gained good reviews and appreciation from different parts of the world. The Manga has a different concept and once again as many other Mangas, it is youth-oriented and focused on the dreams and passion of Hinata who wants to win the tournament of volleyball. He is not tall and doesn’t seem fit for volleyball but he still hopes to make a mark despite knowing that he doesn’t have a good height. Japan may lose a big player if he can’t make a good score in this tournament. Haikyuu’s new chapter is releasing soon and we have gathered all the latest updates for you.

What happened in the previous chapter of Haikyuu?

The title of Haikyuu chapter 395 is the lucky ones part 2 and it was seen that the two characters were having an intense fight. Ushijima misfires a score and there is a lot of dominance from Schweden Adlers. They are taking advantage of playing the volleyball game on their home ground but it doesn’t mean other players are not working hard. Thomas makes a good turn by trying to have a goal but it doesn’t seem that he will win it. Kiyoomi is giving a hopeless performance and wasn’t able to catch the ball coming from Alders.

Ushijima suddenly recalls the time when his father took him to volleyball practice and taught him how to score well. He gets inspiration and plans to do better in the game. When he goes back into the game he is totally inspired and throws the ball in a lot more passion and hard work. He makes a circular swing and scores a big number by making the most powerful strike.

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What can we expect from Haikyuu chapter 396?

The volleyball tournament is going on in full swing and we are still not able to judge who will win the final match. All the fans are excited to know about the latest twists and turns but you should read the official update from the new chapter of Manga rather than discussing the spoilers only. The Manga has been written so beautifully that it inspires us to do better and reach our goals without concentrating on the failures. It will give you the passion to fulfill your dreams and wishes and take away any roadblock which can hinder your way. The voice-over cast has done their part so well and you will feel emotionally attached to the characters.

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Release date of Haikyuu chapter 396

Haikyuu chapter 396 will be releasing on June 7th, 2020 and you will be getting a new chapter every Sunday. They are released according to the Japanese standard time so it can release at a different time in your country. Due to its huge popularity, the Manga is available with English subtitles so you don’t have to worry. If you still haven’t given this Manga a chance you should really do as it is very interesting. The latest chapters are available as soon as they are updated officially on Viz Media. The best way to read the Manga is to visit Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms rather than visiting the unofficial site which comes up with raw updates. The best move will be to appreciate the hard work of the Manga developers and read the official digital copies.

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