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Supergirl Season 6: Release Date 2020, Plot, Cast and all you need to know

Supergirl is an American series that is based on the character of Kara Danvers who is the cousin of Superman. Supergirl is seen fighting with Superman and now she will be fighting with her subordinates to save the lives of innocent people in danger. The show first came out in 2015 and premiered its first season. The show had a renewal 5 times before and now it will be coming back with season 6. The 5th season had a renewal in October 2019 and the 6th season has been renewed for the upcoming release.

The success of the supergirl series has been phenomenal and after the success of its previous seasons, the show keeps coming back with new installments. Since fans have been demanding for season 6 now there have been rumors that the show might come back soon. Here is everything that we know about the Supergirl season 6.

Has supergirl been renewed for season 6?

The good news for all the fans of Supergirl is that the series has been officially renewed for season 6 and will be coming back with a new and thrilling plot and twists to excite the fans. The production and making of season 6 was supposed to begin right after the commencement of season 5 but it has now been delayed due to COVID-19. The fans might have to wait for the next season for some time now.

The plot of supergirl season 6: what will it be about?

The filming of the supergirl season 6 hasn’t started yet so it will be difficult to predict the plot of the supergirl season 6. We can predict a little bit because the show would begin from where it ended. Season 5 focused on the Infinite earth crisis so we will probably witness the story going forward from that point. The infinite earth crisis will have more focus in season 6 and we will see supergirl and her teammates saving the world once again. Supergirl will be joining hands with Arrowverse and fans are quite excited about that because that will make the show more thrilling and dramatic.

What will be the cast of Supergirl season 6?

melissa benoist supergirl
melissa Benoist supergirl

There hasn’t been any official information regarding the cast of Supergirl season 6. We will most probably see the cast from season 5 returning on the show. If new characters or storylines are included only then we will see new cast members joining in. Here are the details of the cast we can expect in season 5

  • Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl
  • Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers: Kara’s human adoptive sister
  • David Harewood as J’onn J’onzz also known as Martian Manhunter.
  • Jesse Rath as Brainiac 5 as Brainy.
  • Nicole Maines as Nia Nal as Dreamer

Is there any trailer of supergirl season 6 out?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer of supergirl season 6 out yet.  The filming hasn’t started yet so a trailer is too soon to expect. The fans of the show might have to wait for some time to see the trailer.

What is the expected release date of supergirl season 6?

The previous seasons of the show were released in October so the expected release date of supergirl season 6 might be October 2020 as well. However, due to coronavirus, we might see a delay in the release because the production and filming hasn’t started yet. In meanwhile you can stream Supergirl’s previous seasons on Netflix, CW, and Amazon Prime.

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