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Why is Tutoring Important? Top 5 Benefits of Online Tutoring

Learning is often considered to be a guided process. And we see learning through tutoring has moved slowly to a digital platform, but the demand for tutors is still there. For example, nowadays, a math tutor online is very much in demand. Once upon a time, tutors used to physically come to the kids home, or kids would go to the tutor’s place as it is always efficient and quick to have the ready guidance of a tutor when a kid is learning some particular subjects. The reason for the tutor also has something to do with the vast amount of information that is being discovered already, so the new kids need to be introduced quickly to the knowledge already present so that they can thereafter dig further on their own and find new information on the subject.

With so many online tutoring platforms born in recent years, the customers have a lot of advantages as these platforms are giving a lot of offers. The services are competitive as each platform wants to be the best, and the rates are low again due to the increased competition in the online tutoring market. Online tutoring has now grown manifolds, and we have some very good platforms like Cuemath US, which are becoming increasingly popular because of the below top five benefits of online tutoring:

Not Time-Bound

One aspect of online tutoring is the introduction of the recorded sessions. Hence, one is not scheduled to be present at a given time everyday, and therefore it means that the student can access the pre-recorded tutoring anytime conveniently.

No Physical Presence Required

Now the candidate or the tutor do not have to move physically to any place, thus avoiding saving a lot of energy and time. While it was life-saving in the Covid times but even after Covid, it is very convenient to have the tutoring service at the click of a mouse. With online platforms, tutors save time on physical movement and also, there is no constraint on the number of kids that can be taught at a given time as the constraint of room size is no more valid; thus, it is possible to have good tutors available at an economical price.

Easy to Find and Replace Tutor

Earlier, one could only find a tutor who was geographically close, and hence the options were limited, but with the online platforms, it is possible to find a tutor from any far off land. With the advent of digital platforms, it is possible to study from the very best of tutors as there are no more constraints of distance or the size of the study hall. Good teachers being a rare commodity, it is a boon that now more kids can have the opportunity to learn from the very best.

Easy to Share Reports and Exercises

Using the online platforms, it is easy to share exercises between the tutor and the students. Also, the students can easily submit their answer sheets. Time of submission etc., are all audited by the platform, so it is easy to maintain the attendance register, answer submission reports of kids and other KPI. In case the candidate feels the need to revisit the subject because of the complexity or to clear certain doubts, then online tutoring provides the way and means to do it as it is possible to catch up on missed class. If the candidate missed the class because of sickness or unavoidable urgency, then thanks to online platforms, the candidate can connect later and catch-up on the missed class.

Parent Monitoring is Possible

Parents can now easily monitor how the classes are going and can be assured about the quality, safety and progress of the kids in the class. If the parents have any concern, they can later book time with the tutor to share the concerns and work on the resolution.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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