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New Russian Doll Season 2 Trailer Reveals Time Is Broken

Netflix is coming up with diverse series and movies. It will entertain all the viewers and they can catch up with exciting series. Russian Doll has made a mark among audiences and a new season will come up soon. The series is inspired by the classic movie of Bill Murray named Groundhog Day.

Season one of Russian Doll has an interesting story to portray and with a new season we can expect some more. Recently a new trailer of Russian Doll is out by the makers. It does give us an idea about what the show is all about. It does have a relatable and timely theme and you can get the most from it. Here is more about Russian Doll Season 2:

What is the plot of Russian Doll Season 2?

russian doll 2

Netflix has revealed a plot for Russian Doll season 2. If you want more details a trailer has also come out. The second season revolves after four years of the happenings of season one. Nadia and Alan are successful in escaping the mortality’s time loop together. We can expect the season two to be even bigger and better. There can be some similarities between the new seasons but there will be a lot to look forward too. Russian Doll season 2 will explore all the existing thematic that are often humorous and sci-fi in nature.

Who is in the cast of Russian Doll Season 2?

russian doll 1

The star cast of Russian Doll season 2 is powerful. They all will give dynamic performances to impress all the viewers. Apart from Natasha Lyonne the star cast includes the following:

  • Greta Lee (New Girl)
  • Yul Vazquez (The Sopranos)
  • Charlie Barnett (You)
  • Elizabeth Ashley (Treme)

The creator, writer and showrunner of this series is Leslye Headland. They are working on a new Star War series. Russian Doll season 2 will follow a different timeline altogether. It is something that the viewers have not seen or heard before. There is no doubt it will once again be a female-centric show. Nowadays viewers are loving female centric shows if they boast of unique storylines.

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Is there any trailer for Russian Doll Season 2?

A new trailer is out and the makers are showcasing all some of the best things. It features the lead actress turning back to the 80’s.  Natasha will reprise her role as Nadia in the Netflix’s show. The series is set after four years after the events of Season 1. If we talk about the trailer of the second season it features Nadia and it seems she has lost her way in the New York City Subway. She wonders where she is heading to without understanding that time is broken.

There are posters all around and 80’s clothes and early 20th century soldiers are seen. Nadia cannot seem to escape from being a prisoner of that time. You can check out the trailer of season two on YouTube. The trailer of the series has a tagline that says: “The universe finally found something worse than death,” she says. “I broke time.”

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