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Bofuri Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Spoilers, and Productions

The first season of Bofuri enthralled everyone with its storyline and the final happened on 25th March 2020. The fans of the anime are in for a great ride as the makers have already announced for a second season. If you think you are still mesmerized by season one then there is another one coming up for you all. The series is very intriguing and you can help but ask for more. So are you interested in getting to know all about it? Let’s get started.

A light recap of the finale of Bofuri

Before we talk about more details regarding season 2 there is a tiny recap for everyone about what happened in the finale episode of season 1. Maple is the main character of the series who happens to be attacked by Payne but survives, in the end, leaving the villain behind. Once he wins Maple invites many members from the flame Emperors and Holy Swords to watch important highlights of the thrilling game.

Production of Bofuri Season 2

There is no doubt that anime is getting very popular around the world as they are made with an inquisitive mind and are very unique for the audience. Silver Link Studios was involved in the making of season one and they are coming back with the production of season 2 as well. In a recent interview, they came up close with the media and informed them that the story of season 2 will pick the momentum from where season 1 ended. The two wonderful directors Mirai Minato and Shin Oonuma will be working hard to bring the new season out as soon as possible. The talented man behind the animation is the very own Kazuya Hirata.

Spoilers of Bofuri season 2

The second season is going to begin exactly where the first season ended .We are going to see Maple and his guild partner Sally taking on another intense game with the monsters and NPCs. They have to deal with the deadly bugs in the games and look for new friends. Maple is trying to move to level 6 of the game and will try to make his team a little stronger than before. It will turn out to be bigger and better while there are so many new updates in the game which is going to further make it intriguing.

There is a comeback of a deadly bug from season 1 because when Maple was hanging out with Sally they got in touch with a bug who will not threaten them in this new season.

When is the new season of Bofuri coming out?

The second season of Bofuri is coming out in 2020 most probably in the fall so fans don’t have to wait for a very long time. The exact date of release is not yet confirmed by the makers but they assured the fans that it will come out as soon as possible. They plan to start filming within a month or so. The author of the anime has also shared with fans that he has sent the storyline of the new season to the producers and they have loved it so far. Everyone has confirmed for the new season so we are hoping it will be on a grand scale this time.

The first season didn’t get very popular in the beginning but when it reached the episode 6th people just couldn’t stop watching it. There were 12 episodes in the first season so we think the same amount of episodes will be produced for the new season. Let’s hope we get something more interesting and ethereal happenings in this season.

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