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Ghost In The Graveyard Movie HD Leaked Online By 123Movies

123 movies is a Vietnam based website which allows the users to watch movies for free. It is the world’s most popular site when it comes to downloading movies free of cost. There has been a great trend among people to watch movies online as it saves their time and they can watch a movie without paying for the expensive tickets a cinema asks for. The website was investigated by the Vietnam authorities due to its illegal activities but even now it’s active and flourishing each day.

The development of 123 movies

The website owners keep changing the domains of the website and it’s very difficult to track down the illegal site when it appears with so many changed domains. Once their site name was 123movies, then and even site is a big hit among viewers and the estimated users on the website in 2016 were 9.6 million which is a very huge amount. It is also one of the most-streamed websites in the UK. There is no stop to it as the site keeps releasing links illegally before the release of movies. If viewers try hard to stay away from illegal downloads then maybe we can expect some betterment.

Ghost in the graveyard leaked online by 123 movies

They always provide HD, HD-RIP, blue ray and great camera quality for all the pirate films they load. The site owners have numerous ways to hide themselves which is why they are successfully running after a short shutdown.123movies is known to leak English movies in very high quality and one film recently fell prey to them was Ghost in the Graveyard. The release date of the film was 22nd June 2019 but they leaked the film online a few days before release and it affected the movie collections also. Let’s take a look at the plot of the film.

Plot of Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the graveyard is a horror movie and is loved by people who are a fan of the horror genre. The story of the film revolves around the small town of Mt. Moriah. The story is about a few teens who are playing together and they witness the death of a girl named Martha. They did not bother to tell anyone about it or ask for help because of which Martha lost her life. The ghost of Martha comes back to take revenge and haunts the teens who had witnessed her death. The film is interesting and it will develop a great storyline slowly and steadily to engage a viewer.

You will sympathize with Martha as she had to face and unfortunate death and her sad ghost wanders around the graveyard. Horror films are difficult to make and the director has done justice to it by directing the scenes beautifully. It feels real and scary when night scenes are shown.

The cast of the film has done a superb job and you can expect great performances from them. As the film was released on 123 movies it affected the collections otherwise it would have done much better and bigger business. The graveyard scenes in the movie are shot very well and when the ghosts pass by the graveyard in various scenes adds a great scary touch to it.

Cast, director and of the Ghost in the Graveyard

The talented cast of Ghost in the Graveyard has a bunch of great actors. Kelli Berglund, Jake Busey, Olivia Larsen, Royce Johnson, Mariah, Joe, Shiloh Verrico, Zebedee, Joseph and Nikki are the leads and supporting actors. The film is directed by the talented Charlie Comparetto and he himself has written the screenplay as well.

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