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George Foreman Net Worth, Boxing Career, Early Life And Other Details

George Foreman is a retired American boxer. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur. He is a boxing champ but his maximum net worth doesn’t come from his boxing career. He became a professional boxer in 1969 and has an impressive career of 76 wins out of 81 fights.

Net Worth

George Foreman estimated net worth during the 1980s was just $5 million. As of 2021, his net worth is $300 million. Foreman is a very wealthy man as he has become a successful entrepreneur. He is a two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and has also won gold medals like the Olympic Gold Medalist. The talented boxer is a multimillionaire entrepreneur and has an amazing story of success.

Early Life

George Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas on January 10, 1949. He was brought up in Houston and has six siblings. He was not raised by his real father and was raised by his stepdad J.D. Foreman. He revealed in his autobiography that he had a troubled youth. He dropped out of school when he was fifteen and became a mugger. He wanted to get GED through Job Corps and went under training to become a carpenter and bricklayer. He started training for boxing after moving to Pleasanton, California.

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Boxing Career


Foreman started off his boxing career and earned success quickly. He won a gold medal in the Mexico City Olympic Games in the boxing/heavyweight division. He defeated many champions that include Jonas Cepulis, a 29-year-old veteran. He has revealed that earning the gold medal is the success that he is most proud of.

Foreman turned a pro1969 and won 13 fights in the same year. His fight against Ali was held in Zaire, and the match was called The Rumble in the Jungle. Ali defeated Foreman and he was the first boxer who had knocked him down. Foreman retired in 1977 after he lost to Jimmy Young.

George Foreman retired from boxing in 1997, when he was 48. He has 76 wins and just five losses during his career. Foreman is a part of the World Boxing Hall of Fame and International Boxing Hall of Fame. He is ranked as the eighth greatest heavyweight champion in history. George is one of the top-ranked boxers in the world and will always be remembered for his phenomenal boxing career.

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Personal Life

George lives in a 40-acre estate in Texas with his fifth wife Mary Joan. He has twelve kids from his various relationships. He has been married four times and is currently living with his 5th wife currently. He has five sons and all of them are named George Edward Foreman. Foreman wants all of his children to obtain a college degree, but some of his kids have become a part of the boxing ring already. George III recently won his first professional boxing match. His Daughter Natalie is an aspiring singer. His kids are busy finding their own path and George is still busy building his empire.

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