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New Halloween Update Announced For World Of Warships: Legends

Wargaming has announced that they will be launching an update for their popular video game World Of Warships. The update will be Halloween special and the players will be able to experience a variety of Halloween content in the video game. The game developers dropped a new update and revealed that their new video game World Of Warships: Legends will allow the players to experience some amazing Halloween features.

Halloween Content For The World Of Warships: Legend

The content will feature a variety of special ships. These ships will be commanded by some special captains. The captains are from the horror lore and will help you to beat the levels. You’ll also have the Element of the Choice campaign and will be awarded two ships. The Halloween content will include Tier VII Premium destroyers, Pan-European Friesland, and Pan-Asian ship Loyang. These features will open be open for players who pass the 100 milestones in the next five weeks. The players will get Early Access to several other upgrades with the 3.7 Update.

Halloween Event To Launch In Two Parts

The Halloween event will be launching in two parts this year. The first part will launch on October 4 to October 17 and will bring back the Saving Transylvania. The players will get the chance to battle it out with the cunning Rasputin. His scary minions will also attack the players.

The second part will be launched with the title of A Light in the Dark and will revolve around Transylvania. The second part will be about closing the Portal. The players can look forward to many prizes and you can look forward to Premium ships, UK battleship Bellerophon, and much more. The second part will include weapons and warships including the Tier III and Italian cruiser Genova at Tier IV, themed Commanders, crates, camouflages, and much more items.

Special Missions In The Halloween Content

The Red Navy bolsters will feature in the Halloween content of the World Of Warships: Legends. The Cruisers Kotovsky at Tier IV, Gorky at Tier V, and Tallinn at Tier VI will give the players a special mission, one for each, with the branch ready to become researchable in the next. Finally, the 3.7 Update will bring some significant balance to the game. The quality of the game will be improved and will let the players enjoy the video game to the fullest. The video game will include the following features:

  • New audio system that will offer distinguished sounds. Different gun calibers and sounds will make the game more interesting. The engine patterns will be the biggest feature of the new upgrade.
  • Ship loadout preview will be available for the non-obtained ships. The players will get their hands on the Bureau and Premium feature. You will also be given a brand new mission tab.
  • Nerfed aircraft carriers will have concealment ranges that will decrease along the Dark Silhouette skill toned down.
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