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Jasmine Sanders Net Worth, Personal Life, Bio, Age & More

Jasmine Sanders is an American model who has become very popular among the masses. She is a hard-working person and has been a part of modeling since her teens. Jasmine got her first modeling job offer while she was in her school and since then there is no looking back. She is known for her beautiful face and perfect figure. Fans know her as the ‘Golden Barbie’ and she has done modeling for many famous magazines. There are a lot of things that you may not know about her so keep reading all the details below.

Early Life and Biography

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Jasmine Sanders was born on 22nd June 1991 in Germany. Her mother is a German while her father is a Black American. The family moved to South Carolina, USA when she was born and she grew up well with her sister Alisha. You will be surprised to know that Jasmine was more like a tomboy in her teens and she loved to play basketball. Her mother used to be unhappy as she had various bruises whenever she returned home. She is 29 years old currently and her height is 1.71 m which is perfect for a model. Her weight is 55 kgs and has a great body.

Personal Life and Relationships

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Jasmine started dating Chris Brown when he broke up with his girlfriend Rihanna. The relationship couldn’t last long as Chris was busy with other ladies and cheated on her. Jasmine started dating Terrence J but unfortunately, they also broke up in 2018. At that time both had tough schedules and career was a reason why they decided to break up. Since her last breakup, there is not much news regarding her relationship and fans are wondering what is next. She hopes to find her true soul mate and we wish her all the luck!

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Net Worth

The net worth of Jasmine has been going steady thanks to her exceptional modeling career. Her total net worth happens to be $3 million and it is increasing steadily. Her major source of income is modeling but she has done a few films and TV appearances too. Jasmine lives in a big apartment and loves to spend money on accessories, shoes, and purses. Her fame and success keep increasing and she is here to stay.

Modeling Career

Jasmine started her modeling career with the magazine called Seventeen. Once she became popular she also modeled for Nike and ALDO shoes. She has done modeling for many great designers. Ralph, DKNY, Moschino, Lauren, Jeremy Scott, Philip Plein, and Julien MacDonald were all impressed with her work. She has been a face of Vogue and there is no edition where you will not find her pictures. Apart from her modeling career she has appeared in TV series Extra, Hip Hop Squares, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Scream, and Catfish: The TV Show. If this isn’t enough she also became Reebok’s spokesmodel. These are the following brands for which she has worked so far:

  • Robert Cavalli
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Bvlgari
  • Ugg
  • Victoria’s Secret PINK
  • MCM
  • American Eagle
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