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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers & Other Updates

Fire Force has become an instant hit and fans are appreciating and loving it to the fullest. It is soon coming out with season two and everybody is discussing what could be the possible details regarding it. The new season is going to be bigger and better while a lot of new twists and turns will be coming out for everyone. We have gathered all the important details and you can read them out.

What happened in the previous episode of Fire force season 2?

fire force 2

The story revolves around Shinra and he is aware that a lot of people are living in fear. He even feels that people might become infernal and he is now on a mission to save the people and their joyful smiles. There is a group of girls who have come out and eating ice cream and it is they who have suggested for an operation which will revolve around lieutenant. Shinra also remembers the girls and the way they were trying to hint out something important to him. He feels that he should also be the one who is shopping around and even helping those girls. Somehow he also feels that the lieutenant should also be the one shopping with him.

There is a romantic twist as well which happens when the girl puts the hat on Shinra’s head. There are mutual feelings and attention between the two. Tamika is the one who is more concerned about Shinra while the other girls are more concerned about his mother. All of them are planning together that they must do something to save his mother. If we talk about Shinra he is worried as he has heard an explosion from a nearby building.

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Are new characters entering Fire Force season 2?

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The makers of the anime series have revealed it to the fans that some characters will be introduced for episode 2. They are going to have a lot of impact on the storyline and you will be surprised by what is happening. If you check the official website of this anime you can get a lot of updates. They have been streaming some details about the characters and you will be amazed by it totally. The unique addition can be witnessed by everyone and you can wait for the new episode to come out. There is a lot of VFX which will be introduced in the series and the graphics are improved drastically.

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Fire Force Season 2 episode 2 release date

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 2 will be releasing on Saturday 4th July 2020. Every Thursday a new episode of the series will be released but for the rest of the days, you will have to wait patiently. If you are interested in reading out spoilers you can do so but it will ruin the excitement for sure. Once you read out the detailed recap of the previous episode you will realize that a lot has already happened. There is a preview that was released at the beginning of this week and you can also get an insight regarding it. Kodansha Comics will be releasing all the volumes one by one while there are a total of 18 volumes that are in store for people.

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