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Why Actor Hank Azaria Wants To Apologize To all the Indian People?

Actor Hank Azaria has revealed in the latest podcast interview that he wants to apologize to “every single Indian person”.His character in Simpson’s problematic Apu character has raised some eyebrows. He was speaking on Dax Shepard and Monica Padman’s podcast Armchair Expert. Fans were curious to know more as it seems he wants to give some candid confessions. He has described his journey while the controversy of his character is taking the limelight. According to him, he didn’t know what to do about the character. He explained:’’This was not a two-week process. I needed to educate myself a lot.” Here is all you need to know.

What is the controversy of Hank Azaria all about?

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The Simpsons is a popular show and it has which as a short series too. It has become very popular in a short time and fans love to watch every bit of it. Fans will be excited to know that the series has recently got a renewal for its 33rd and 34th seasons. The new series will be modernized and adapted with a unique storyline. There has been a recent string of announcements and fans are not sure what the new character of Hank will be about. The reports may seem a little contradictory but Hank is adamant that his role has been retired. The previous part of the series has become very popular. It seems that the popularity will not be going down anytime.

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What does Matt Groening have to say about the Simpsons?

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Matt Groening is the creator of Simpsons Apu. He has explained that he doesn’t have any problems with white actors playing Black roles. Recently he has also revealed that the plans of making this new series are ambitious. He may not have to cast a new actor in the role as the prominent actors work better among the audiences. The creator is very much sure that he can make something extraordinary and bring something bigger and better. The show has recently recast Dr. Hibbert and Carl Carlson. Kevin Michael Richardson and Alex Desert will also become a part of the series.

How Hank Azaria’s character is supporting racism?

Hank is disturbed as he doesn’t want to support racism by playing a black character. Personally, he wants to play sober and requires some changes in his character. He believes that he is also taking a part in recognizing the damaging nature. His role is supporting racism with it and he wants to correct it with her actions. Many fans feel that the actor is genuine and has discussed his true intentions. This is what Hank Azaria has to say:

‘’If I had not gotten sober, I promise you it wouldn’t have taken much wine for me to be in my feelings one night and fire off a tweet that I felt justified in firing off. Some kind of defensive, white-fragile tweet, Boy, was I glad I had a system in place where I could look at this thing.”

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