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Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: All The Latest Updates You Need To Know

The fans of Call of duty mobile are waiting for season 6 for some time now. There is exciting news coming up which will make all the avid game lovers quite happy. The new season is going to have a lot of innovative features and is power-packed with the latest updates. Here’s all you need to know about the latest updates about the game.

Hype surrounding Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

The hype surrounding Call of Duty mobile season 6 is increasing each day with the news coming out in the media. The official patch notes will be coming out at regular intervals and the platforms are quite easy to operate. You can use the data which has been saved in your system and it won’t take much of space. All the previous seasons are successful and have been loved by all the fans. You can compete with other players and a lot of new challenges await the fans. There are different types of gears and weapons available in the game which players can choose to have according to their requirements. There are cool and trendy rewards that the players can use for their benefits and it will help them clear the stages very easily.

What is the plot and new improvements in Call of duty mobile season 6?

The call of duty mobile season 6 is focused on battle royale game and it is a first player game. You can have an option to choose multiple players while you can also keep it as a separate game for yourself. There are zombies and other deadly characters inside the game and the players have to beat them all. They will get various rewards and the gameplay is quite intense too. It can work well on your Android and iOS platforms and can even be connected with Bluetooth.

Important updates and improvements

The important patches in the game include

  • Kill confirmed mode: In this mode, the players have to collect the opposite team’s dog tags
  • Flag mode: The two teams will intensely collide with the other team if they want to win.
  • Dual Mode: There is a dual-mode where the salon map is exclusively featured. You have to fight with the opponent to get through this stage.
  • Rust Map: This is another exciting option for the players as you can walk around in the game with the help of this navigation map.
  • New operator skill: The new operator skill includes all the latest updates and you can kill the opposite party with one shot.
  • Other improvements: There has been a lot of improvements made which will help you fix bugs. Helicopter flare is also added as a feature that can be used by all players. There is also a new battle Royal class feature is going to add up soon.

When is Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 releasing?

The call of duty mobile season 6 is releasing in May 2020. You can download all the latest updates on your Android and iOS. It will stream very smoothly and you can enjoy yourself as much as you like. You will get many rewards and can play the game quite conveniently.

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