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Family Feud Season 22: Release Date, Plot and Updates

Family Feud is an American game show that has released 21 seasons already. The game show achieved a lot of success and the high viewership of the game show has led to so many seasons to come into existence. If you are a fan of the show then you should get ready for Family Feud’s season 22.  The super popular game show is going to come back into production in Atlanta on Tuesday and the fans can expect the game show to release soon. Let’s dig in more detail about the show.

When can you expect Family Feud Season 22?

The makers of the game show Family Feud have already started the production for the new season. The game show that airs in the first-run syndication will be releasing new episodes of the series in September. In a special report, Deadline has revealed that the popular game show Family Feud will be shot with minimal crew and the audience is also not allowed to participate in the show. The precautions are being taken due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in America.

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What safety measures are being taken during the filming of Family Feud?

family feud

Family Feud Season 22 will have the same vibe and feel and will have the same entertaining elements that the viewers recognize. There are slight adjustments and the set might look a bit different from the previous seasons. The changes in the set are made so that Harvey and the contestants, and the team behind the camera can maintain the safety measures of social distancing crew will also be wearing personal protective equipment that will have temperature checks. Other rigorous health and safety protocols will also be implemented during the shoot.

Where will Family Feud Season 22 be shot?

The filming of Family Feud season 22 will be shot between LA and Atlanta. It is rumored that some early episodes of the game show will be shot indoors and most of the shooting will be done in California, It is rumored that the crew has already moved back to Georgia.

What are the expected viewership ratings of Family Feud Season 22?

The producers are expecting that Family Feud Season 22 will have a great viewership. The rising cases of COVID-19 in the USA had led people to stay at home and since people are spending time at home they are expected to watch more Television. Nielsen National Syndication Rankings have revealed that Family Feud has already become the number one show in the USA and the ratings are based on all the demographics for the second quarter of 2020. The ratings based on the maximum households the show has been topping all over!  The ratings based on the adults’ data that are aged between 25-54 and women who are aged between 25-54  are the highest.

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When will Family Feud Season 22 releases?

The Family Feud Season 22 will premiere this fall. The new episodes of the Season 22 will be hosted by Steve Harvey and will release on September 14th.

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