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EU-Commission: BMW, Daimler, VW have made illegal agreements (11.50 am)

May ask EU to Brexit-delay to 30. June (10.02 PM)

Tusk proposes flexible Brexit-delay of twelve months before (9.30 am)

a man falls in the Grand Canyon in death (6.53 PM)

Israel’s space probe important maneuvers on the way to the moon (5.20 PM)

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+++ 14: 46: Barack Obama to Merkel in the Chancellery +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel is received with the former US-President Barack Obama is in Berlin for an exchange of views. The focus of the meeting in the Chancellery of the TRANS-Atlantic is likely to tables relationship between Berlin and Washington. It has deteriorated after the assumption of office of Obama’s Republican successor to Donald Trump as US President. A big point of contention between Merkel and Trump the protectionist economic policies of the American. On the eve of Obama was celebrated at an event “World Leadership Summit” in Cologne, Germany, from more than 14 000 people.

+++ 14.33 PM: Germany wants to take in refugees from the rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” + + +

Germany wants to take out a part of the refugees on the rescue ship “Alan Kurdi”. The Federal government is set for a “quick-and-humanitarian solution” for the rescued at sea, people in the Mediterranean sea, said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry. You would expect from other EU-member States that they make a contribution at the time of recording. The ship was rescued according to their own statements 64 refugees off the Libyan coast from a boat, including women and children. The “Alan Kurdi” is currently seeking a port in the EU, in the sure can run.

+++ 14.26 PM: Macron wants to leave the role of France during the genocide in Rwanda, check +++

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron wants to leave the role of his country during the genocide in Rwanda 25 years ago check. Macron have to call a Commission of historians to “to view all of the French archives in relation to Rwanda between 1990 and 1994,” said the Elysée Palace. The results of the investigation are to be summarized within two years, in a report. In the former German and Belgian colony of Rwanda, members of the Hutu ethnic group, in 1994, were killed within a period of three months at least 800,000 people. Most of the victims were members of the minority, the Tutsis, but many moderate Hutu were killed. Many of the perpetrators were officials of the state, about from the army or police. In Rwanda is commemorated on the Sunday of the start of the genocide, 25 years ago. Rwanda has accused France to have with his support of the former Rwandan government of genocide complicit. Paris has so far rejected any complicity in the carnage.

+++ 14.04 PM: rescue boat: Germany doesn’t feel alone, responsible +++

The Federal government has agreed to the inclusion of some migrants from the blocked German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi”. However, Germany felt not alone for the fate of the 64 boat refugees, said interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) in Berlin. Other EU States would have to take people from the ship. “It must be a community action.”

“Alan Kurdi” from the charity organization, Sea-Eye had saved in the middle of the week, the people in front of the Libyan coast. Since then, the ship seeking a safe Harbor. Italy has denied the driveway and sees Germany in the duty, because the boat is sailing under the German flag. Malta, too, wants to let the ship dock.

+++ 13.54 PM: court: youth welfare office may warn of Pädophilem +++

The youth welfare office were the village may, after a decision of the administrative court Münster information about a convicted sex offender. The court rejected the Eileintrag of a man who was sentenced in 2011 because of the proliferation of child pornographic writings to a suspended sentence of five months. The pedophile wanted to prevent that, the authority informed Known about his criminal record. The applicant wanted the Az single mother of four children, parents provide assistance to the authorities and bring the kids Sports schedules (.: 6 L 211/19, not a legal decision).

According to the court, the interest of the youth welfare office to the child outweighs well above the legal personality of the applicant. After that, warnings to parents and guardians of minor children are generally permitted, if there are major indications of a threat by third parties are present, informed the court. An appeal against the ruling of the upper administrative court of Münster.

+++ 13.38 PM: mayor in Italy village for sale +++

a Protest against the extinction of small villages has an Italian mayor, a special action come to mind: He offers a symbolic parts of the municipality for sale. It was a “provocation” to take on the Plight of small communities, said the mayor of Esino Lario, Pietro Penza, the German press Agency. In the place in Lombardy only about 750 people resided.

For sale on a dedicated website to a village Bank are available now for 280 euros, the Sign for 1250 Euro, or the whole of the town hall for € 200,000. “We want to convey a positive message,” said Penza. In many small towns in Italy, there is a cultural heritage that you should not lose. The offers received should be checked. “Until now, I get many calls from journalists,” he said on the question of whether have already been reported many interested parties.

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