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ESPN Discontinues Sports Talk Show The Boardroom: Details & Updates

Here comes another blow for all the sports lovers and it is that ESPN has discontinued The Boardroom series. The series completed two seasons successfully and fans were waiting for a new season already but it seems all the hopes are gone now. The boardroom features some of the top names from the industry and the hosts are Kevin Durant, Jay Williams, and Rich Kleiman. There are many guests that come around and have conversations about sports. Sometimes rather than sports other related topics are also discussed widely. ESPN has taken this firm decision that they will not continue with the series. Today we will be discussing all the details and updates on the cancellation of the series.

What are the latest updates on the boardroom?

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According to the latest updates from ESPN they are planning to discontinue the boardroom. For now, they are going to cancel this show as thirty-five more ventures are being worked on. The series covers various topics on sports and many athletes and other famous sports personalities have been a part of it. The tech moguls and sports experts come together under one roof and discuss the great sports ventures. The aspiring sportspeople look up to their idols so they can make a name for themselves in this field.

Each episode of the boardroom focuses on the major themes of sports. It was like a duty for the makers do bring in something innovative and see the sports world from a different perspective altogether. The boardroom is bigger and better than other shows and there is hope that the new series will come up after a year or so. The major sports celebrities that have featured on the show till now include L.A. Lakers players LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma, Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker, L.A. For ESPN the show was an important venture but for the time being it has been stopped but we hope that the sports fans will be delighted as soon as the series comes out next year.

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Why has ESPN canceled Kevin Durant’s the boardroom?

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The boardroom has been canceled on ESPN but it is going to continue on a multimedia platform. Kevin is planning to collaborate with some of the colleagues and he will make it bigger and better than before. They will highlight some of the biggest sports personalities and they will discuss how to make a mark in the sports field. Good stories are shared among youth so they can continue to work hard and become a part of this sports business no matter how hard it may seem. ESPN has been having some subscription and fee issues and this is why they have been canceling some of the most important shows.

However, fans need not to be disappointed as series will continue on multimedia but it will take some time. The boardroom on ESPN came out with a thought that it will bring behind the scenes from one of the best sports ventures. Sports personalities will come together and discuss the various rules which can be applied to different games. Kevin Durant will be bringing many such ventures with Kleiman and the projects are underway so there is a lot more coming up for the sports lovers.

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