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Erica Hill Net Worth, Bio, Age, Husband, Kids, Career, Salary & More

Erica Hill is a well-known American journalist and news anchor. She has gained a lot of fame as her speaking skills are perfect. Erica is a renowned news anchor of CNN and her career has shined throughout these years. She is also known for working at NBC and has been hosting the popular show called today. Erica has been in her top form all this while and youngsters look up to her as a source of inspiration. If you want to know more about Erica we have the following details.


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Erica was born on July 20th, 1976 in the state of Connecticut. She was interested in news anchoring since her young age. As she is a bright student she completed her degree in Journalism from Boston University. She is 44 years old currently and her childhood has been very fulfilling. Even though she is an American she can speak French very well. Many people recognize her as she is the daughter of Cheryl Hill who has been a famous correspondent.


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Erica started her career after completing her journalism degree. She started working as a production assistant for an online news program the PC week radio. Later she also joined TechTV as a reporter, co-anchor, and correspondent. After few years she shifted to CNN and became a news journalist there. She got the chance to cover several gossips and breaking news.

If this isn’t enough she also covered many presidential campaigns and reported for the war in Iraq. Her popularity kept increasing as she was covering the Mumbai terrorists’ attacks too. She also worked for CCN tonight and became the national correspondent. It helped her showcase her talent in a lot of ways. One of her most noteworthy programs has been the early show, CBS evening news, and CBS this morning.

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Personal Life, Wife, and Kids

Erica has been in a long-term relationship with David Yount and they got married in 2005. The couple is married for thirteen years now. The best thing is that they are still going strong. They have got two children together and both of them are sons. Many people are impressed as she takes care of both her personal and professional life very well. She has been an active member of all her social networking accounts and people like to know more about her. Her professional life is going well just like her personal life.

Net Worth and Salary

The total net worth of Erica has been $6 million and she is one of the richest journalists. She has gained this entire amount from her active journalist career. People find her lucky as she got the option to cover all the latest news and gossips. Most of the news shows that she has done for CNN and other channels have been a great success. She lives in a big mansion with her family and they are leading a luxurious life. The area of the mansion is massive and there are many bedrooms and other recreational areas.

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