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sMotherhood Season 2 ( If Mom Can Do It I Can Too) : Release Date, Plot and Other Details

sMotherhood is a TV series that airs on the channel TLC. TLC is known for airing and producing shows that are based on family relationships. SMotherhood is another interesting creation by TLC and will focus on the close relationships between mother and daughter pairs. sMotherhood is running its second season. The first season was a success and was appreciated by the general public and audience. If you love watching sMotherhood then this post would be useful for you. We have gathered a lot of news and updates about TLC’s sMotherhood Season 2 and fans of the show can read this post and gain knowledge about the family show.

sMotherhood: What is the plot of the show?

The show focuses on mother-daughter relationship that is just too extreme and close. sMotherhood features 4 pairs of mother-daughter who are stuck to each other 24/7. They take a bath together, go shopping together, share the same bed and even go on double dates. The show highlights the dysfunctional relationship between mother and daughter. sMotherhood has not been received well by the audience and the makers are planning to make some changes with it. TLC will focus on the good and bad sides of a mother-daughter relationship and want the audience to have a clear understanding of going overboard. The show highlights that there is a certain line between relationships and you should stop when you choose to go way too extreme in a relationship.

Who is in the cast of sMotherhood season 2?

The cast of sMotherhood season2 includes:

  • Cher Hubsher (Self)
  • Christine Razzi (Creator)
  • Rissa Razzi (Self – Content Creator)
  • Cristina Bertolli (Self)
  • Carly Crispino (Self)
  • Kathy Crispino (Self)

sMoherhood: How has the audience reacted to the show?

The show has been criticized for showing stuff that might not be acceptable to many people. There are a lot of odd and uncomfortable scenes between mother and daughter which might not look good on screen. The pairs look like partners and lovers and not mother and daughter. Every relationship is different and you need to understand where to draw the line. The ratings of the show have just been decent and not too great. There might be a lot of people who like the show and appreciate the bond that is shown between mothers and daughters in the show. We suggest you watch the show if you like passionate and over the top relationships in your life. You will get to witness some of the most beautiful moments between mothers and daughters in the show. sMothergood has got some negative reviews from the critics and fans but still, the show has managed to grab a lot of attention for its unique concept.

What is the release date of sMotherhood season 2?

sMotherhood season 2 Episode 1 released on 24th May 2020. The second episode will air on TLC on 31st May 2020. It is an ongoing show and is airing on TLC every week. If you don’t have a subscription of TLC then you can stream it online on the TV guide. You also have the option of purchasing the episode from Amazon.

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