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By-elections 2022 Results and live Polling Results updates

Know the results of 20 by-elections 2022 in Punjab Assembly Live Polling & Final Results updates check Here.

By-Elections 2022 Live Updates

which candidate got how many votes and which candidate is winning by how much lead. To know all this, stay on our side and know the results of all the elections.

The political environment is very hot in Pakistan today, especially the eyes of the whole Pakistan are focused on the 20th land elections to be held in Punjab.

Because the party that will be successful in these elections will rule Punjab, now that party can be Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf or Muslim League-N.

PTI VS PMLN and all Parties:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is currently competing with all the parties in Pakistan. It is the only party that is against all the other parties. Imran Khan has done his own campaign for these by-elections.

The people of Pakistan have been mobilized to vote for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

PML-N and all other parties are taking this election very seriously because they are above this election and their government depends on it. Wanted that there should be a clean and transparent election in Pakistan, the way will be paved for them.

Aleem Khan & Tareen Group:

Out of the 20 by-elections currently being held in Punjab, the elections in Lahore and Multan are particularly important in the whole of Pakistan because the elections will replace the defected members of the Abdul Aleem Khan -group within Lahore and the defected members of the Jahangir Tareen group within Multan. It will be seen that these elections are very important.

Where does the politics of Abdul Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tareen go if their candidates lose in these elections, then the politics of Abdul Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tareen will also be over and they will be beneficial for PML-N in any way. It will not be proven.

Imran Khan, who created awareness among the people that we are not political slaves, we are a free nation, our foreign policy should be independent. we should be able to make our own decisions in every aspect.

Imran Khan Slogan:

By raising this slogan, he came to the people and the people have also responded to this slogan. That is why the political atmosphere in Pakistan is very hot at the moment and see who is successful in these elections.

you can see the results of these elections through the link given on this site. Which candidate is winning in which constituency? And which candidate is losing. How many votes are there for this candidate?

Results of by-elections in Pakistan:

By-elections to 20 seats in Punjab night results and results from all polling stations and form-45.

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