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Does Smoking Really Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Having a good sex life with your partner has lots of good sides in it, but all those get spoiled with some disorders imposed on that. Erectile dysfunction is one such nuisance, you hate to have. However, if you have developed it already, then there are different things and medications which you can undergo for recovery.  On the other end, if you have not developed that too, then also you can get through several things and always keep such nuisances away from your happy life.

Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction

Hence, the need of the hour is to identify the reasons for ED. Among the different physiological reasons that are behind this nuisance, there lies the arterial blood supply to the penis. As a result of that poor blood supply, the genitals won’t get the syndrome and hence fails to be erected at the time of intercourse. Now, when the question is about blood supply, then the core reasons for the same has to be sorted out – this is the only and the best mean to keep the ED away from your life. If you want to get more information about ED then read more here.

Overview of Smoking and ED

Cigarette smoking is often blamed to be one of the core reasons for the same, but is that really a concern in the same? To start off in the aspect, the researchers have to say that smoking does great damage to the blood vessels and it is quite natural that if the blood vessels are damaged, then the blood supply will also be hampered and when that is in the penis, the direct result of the same is ED. Keeping this in the overview, it is time to get to the thing in details and also check out what you can do and what you cannot, regarding the same.

Your blood vessels relate to smoking

Cigarette smoking’s harmfulness is not restricted to anything. Rather, it is effective to damage almost all your internal body parts. The direct effect of it is on the blood vessels and they, not only affects the vessels but also changes the way they function. Naturally, the disastrous effect of the same is experienced by all the body organs that carry those blood vessels, like that of heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys and definitely the tissues of your body.

Coming to the functions of your penis, your body sensation decodes a message and when that message has received the arteries in your penis enlarges to accommodate more blood vessels. When that blood vessel reaches the arteries of your penis, the effect of that erects the genitals. Now, the message is received at the brain, the message is encoded and arteries are notified again for receiving the blood vessels. Here, if the blood vessels, being damaged, cannot reach the arteries of your penis, what would happen? Your penis will not be erected and that is what smoking does to your genitals.

What does the research show?

The things that have been stated above are the possibilities. Now, possibilities always remain a possibility, unless the probability of the same is not counted upon. Hence is the need of the research results. A 2005 research made by Journal of epidemiology from America revealed that ED is very much common with the old age people, but it also stated that at a young age too, especially for smoking habit, ED is developed in males.

The report stated that among the different random samples that have been collected, all having ED, it has been found that nearly 40% of the patients are young adults. Among them, near to 60% of the patients are regular and heavy smokers.

The research continued long even after that and at the end, it showed that with quitting smoking, near to 80% of the smokers recovered from ED symptoms. Hence, the straight forward thing here is that smoking really makes a deep impact on ED and is one of the prime causes of the same too.

Finding the right help

ED is now a very much a common ailment among men. With a lifestyle that is really odd, with immense pressure at the workplace and heavy smoking, ED is spreading like a fire in countries of Europe and America. However, the other nations are also getting affected by it gradually, but in fewer numbers. The main issue here that is important to be stated is that the treatment, when started early, can recover you from ED very fast. Hence either reach a Urologist for the same or try out yourself by quitting cigarette. Noteworthy thing here is that you just go through some medications at the time between your quitting of the smoking habit. So erectile dysfunction treatment is very important, you can get Aurogra 100mg at Cheapest Price at form

Other than the same, here are some of the guides that are delivered usually by the experts:

  • Smoking is many times triggered by other things like alcohol or coffee. Hence, quit those too at the same time of quitting the smoking habit.
  • Get assistance from your family and friends for quitting the habit of smoking.
  • You can also consult with some doctors for the purpose of quitting smoking. There are several medications for the same that would help you.
  • Develop other habits that can resist your smoking. Fill your mouth with chewing gums or oral care gums. This would do great work for you.

The above things are the guidelines that would help you quit smoking and that will indirectly help you in not only fighting with Erectile Dysfunction but with many other diseases, some of which has been already developed and some are yet to be developed. Hence, follow them and also take suggestions from some doctor about the same.


Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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