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How many have died by Covid-19?

The death toll due to COVID-19 is rapidly increasing and it continues to grow in countries like India, Russia, and the USA. Many countries are now under control and have low deaths daily but there are still a few countries that are suffering from the virus and are adding up to the death toll due to COVID-19.

More than one million people have already died globally due to the virus and the death toll hasn’t come to a halt as the virus is still not under control. Here is the detailed guide that has all the information about the people that have died due to COVID-19.

Which are the countries with the most coronavirus deaths?

The USA has the world’s biggest death toll and the virus is still spreading in the country. There are about 205,000 deaths in the country and the number is increasing with each passing day. Brazil has a country that has the second most deaths.

The number of deaths in Brazil is 141,700. The next country on the list is India which has a death toll of nearly 95500 people. The deaths in the United Kingdom are less than 50,000 and the UK has successfully controlled the virus.

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Which are the five nations where there are most deaths?

death toll

United States

The United States is currently leading the world when it comes to the total number of dead and the infected during the pandemic. The Northeastern states have clobbered by the virus and have managed the social distancing and masking successfully and have pushed down their new cases. There is a bigger wave of deaths in the swaths of the U.S. during the summer. The overall U.S. daily death count has increased and remains far higher than in other countries. The USA has 270 K plus deaths to date.


Brazil is the second-biggest country that has a worldwide death toll of 144K. Brazil is led by a president who has repeatedly ignored the threat of coronavirus, and this has led in the surge of deaths all through July and August. About a month ago, the death toll has begun to drop.


The trajectory has been terrible in India, and it has the third-highest death toll. Since May, the government has lifted the strict lockdown, and the death toll has increased. Also, over the past several weeks India’s daily death has hit high and has increased a lot. Still, the total number of people dying is extremely high and the average daily death is 1,100 deaths each day in the past week.

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Mexico is struggling and the increasing death rate has become a threat to the country. It is following the U.S., Brazil, and India and has the highest total deaths during the pandemic. The average daily deaths are 77,476 currently.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is ranked fifth and has a total death toll of 42,202. New infections have risen since early May but the death toll remains lower. The situation in European countries like Spain and France is more dangerous and the daily new cases and daily new deaths have increased.

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