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Dhoom 3 (Amir Khan) Tamilrockers Full HD Movie leaked for Free Download

Dhoom 3 is a sequel to Dhoom 2 and is the third installment of the Dhoom franchise. The film stars Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles. Amir Khan plays a double role and in the Hindi language movie. It is an action thriller and was released in 2013. The film also stars Abhishek Bachan and Uday Chopra who were also a part of the previous installments of Dhoom. They are seen reprising their roles once again. The action thriller made under the Yash Raj banner is available for free download on Tamilrockers.

Is the plot of Dhoom 3 controversial?

Dhoom 3 is based on a robbery of a bank which is a bit controversial theme. The film is somehow promoting theft and crime which is not socially and morally correct. The hero of the film is taking part in a robbery which is not a positive message to send out to the younger generation. Despite the controversial topic the film managed to be a success at the box office. The plot of the movie revolves around a boy who is born into a family who has a circus business. The circus business gets closed due to the Chicago Bank. The young boy who witnesses his father getting treated unjustly in front of him swears revenge. When he grows up he makes a plan to rob the Chicago Bank.

The man trains himself with acrobatic skills and uses the skills to escape the bank after robbing it. The film also shows great emotional bonding and love between two brothers. The close bond and connection between the twin brothers gives out some of the best positive messages to the audience.

Dhoom 3 hit by Piracy: Leaked online by Tamil Rockers

Dhoom 3 has been released by Tamilrockers just a few days before the release in cinemas. All the links are in HD quality and the speed of downloads is very quick. The movie was going to release in three languages. Tamilrockers have also provided illegal links in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. The leak has been spreading like wildfire and many people have already watched the movie. Aamir Khan usually releases the films in December and Dhoom 3 is also out on 20th December 2013.

The film is doing great business in fact breaking all box office records in recent times. Fans have been trying hard to stop the illegal links from spreading and some of them have been blocked as well. It seems the matter is beyond impossible now. Since the time every big movie has been releasing online strict actions are being taken by the Government.

In many states people are not allowed to take their phones or cameras inside the cinema hall. Dhoom 3 has managed to get a life time collection of 200 crore. The trade analysts have also liked the movie but it has been getting mixed reviews from critics. It seems like the movie is a one man’s show where Aamir khan plays double role and wants to take revenge against people who killed his father and they went bankrupt. The screen play is slow at times and the length of the movie is too long which is a turn off for many people. If you are fan of Aamir Khan you will love the film. The film is released in 3D and normal version both and if you watch it in cinema you will love the experience.

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