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08 Most Unbelievable Hidden Homes All around the world

All around the world, there are hidden houses with unique designs and vibrant colors. Whether they’re located in the middle of the jungle or built right into the edge of a cliff, it seems that for some reason these homes didn’t want to be discovered. Today we’ll be taking a look at 8 of the most unbelievable hidden homes.

Number 01: GuaRuja Rainforest House

GuaRuja Rainforest House where better to kick things off than in the jungle? Jungle?

The Rainforest House in GuaRuja, Brazil is the ultimate hidden home and truly a tropical dream come true. It’s sitting on the mountainside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by lush and thick greenery on three sides. Designed by Studio MK 27, they wanted this home to look like it’s part of the jungle itself and manor manted, they deliver on that. As you make your way up to this jungle abode, you walk up the stone steps with gorgeous plants on both sides and come up to the concrete wooden structure that looks like it was built by a more advanced Tarzan. The interior has a more contemporary look so the residents won’t miss their urban lives too much.

GuaRuja Rainforest House
Source: designcitylab

But when you come up to the roof, that’s where the magic really is. The roof of the Gua Rouge Rainforest House holds two levels of decks, where the upper level has a small green area that grows a little less wild than the surrounding jungle. And the lower deck holds the infinity pool, hot tub and fire pit. When you’re in this house, it’s pretty hard not to feel like a main character in the Jungle Book.

Number 02: The Santana House

santana House hiding quietly in the Valle de Bravo region of Mexico is the Santana House.

It’s a single story home made entirely of wood and stone that lets it blend almost perfectly into the natural surroundings. Built by the local firm Cece Architectos, the Santana House was built using all natural materials like weathered stone and even locally milled timber to keep things in harmony with nature. And a single tall tree stands in the middle of the front courtyard as a gentle reminder that you’re one with Mother Earth at all times. The entire property sits on a nice 1300 space all across just one floor. The interior boasts slabstone, flooring, timber beams above and plenty of rustic wooden furniture, again, all made with local natural materials.

Santana House
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

If a home could be as organic as your groceries, then the Santana House would fit the bill. All of the walls in the Santana House are made out of stone as well, matching the home’s exterior. And a nice stretch of glass windows bring light and life into the space, making it feel like you’ve brought the woods into the home. There’s also the garden outside full of regional plants, a reflection pool and the coveted hot tub for when you want some of the finer comforts without sacrificing the serenity of the woods.

Number 03: Castile Creek Retreat

it’s pretty clear that the best place to hide a home is amongst the green landscape.

But just because you’ve got a home in the forest doesn’t mean it has to be small. Sometimes a castle is better than cozy, and that’s the case with the Castile Creek Retreat in Colorado United States. This place is absolutely amazing, and the forest compound of your dreams. The main house is 3350 sqft. Across eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

And the two guest houses still offer well over 5000 and 3000 space respectively. That’s more than anyone could ever ask for. So talk about some lucky guests. The Castile Creek Retreat sits on 250 acres of real estate and is surrounded by another 2 million acres of national forest. Yeah, 2 million acres of gorgeous protected land.

Castile Creek Retreat
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

Normally, a place like this would leave the neighbors jealous, but in this case, there are no neighbors. Just you and all of the little woodland critters and the trout in the pond out back. This is the perfect place to drop off the face of the earth for a bit, as long as you can afford the $78 million asking price.

Number 04: The Floating Seahorse

The next hidden house on our list is extra special and probably the most unique I’ve seen yet.

Dubai is home to some pretty extravagant real estate, and their floating seahorse is one of the most cutting edge properties they have to offer. This floating home is built in the world islands, the Manmade Islands, meant to mimic a map of the world. Designed by the Klang dense group. These homes on the water took more than 5000 hours of research and another 13,000 hours of design and engineering to get it just right. Because what good is a house on water if it sinks?

Floating Seahorse
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

The plans for these floating seahorses were announced in 2016, and the Hype was very real, with 60 units having been sold before they were even complete. And how much is each one of these seahorse houses going for? Well, you’re looking at about $12 million. But these homes are like icebergs, because so much of the structure is hidden underneath the crystal clear waters. Which is where you’ll also find the master bedroom and bathroom across 270 sq ft.

Feet. And to make things a little more interesting, the sub level features floor to ceiling windows where you’ll be able to look out at your own personal 500 square foot coral garden. You’ll never again have to worry about dogs using your lawn as a bathroom again.

Number 05: Mirage House Greece

Greece there are plenty of different ways to hide a house. You can hide amongst the rocks or behind the trees but sometimes it’s best to simply hide in plain sight.

But how exactly can a house do that? Well, why not make it appear as a trick of the light? Like the Mirage House in Greece, this home is located on the gorgeous and exotic Greek island of Tinos. But good luck finding the place because it was designed to look like an invisible oasis. The Mirage House is just one story tall but it’s built right on the edge of a cliff to give the homeowners and their lucky guests some of the most stunning views on the entire island.

Mirage House Greece
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

Every morning you’re greeted by the sun rising over the nearly mythical and GNC. In all, the Mirage House offers just over 2100 space and quite literally blends into the surroundings. And aside from being built right onto the rock face the top of the house is a full on rimless pool which reflects the sunlight perfectly giving this hidden home its mirage effect. And there’s no denying that although simple, the design is quite brilliant. And as you approach the home, it’s set up so that the only part of the structure you’ll see is the reflecting pool.

So seeing isn’t always believing. So we’ve all lost our keys at some point. But imagine not being able to find your own house.

Number 06: vivos Europa One

vivos Europa One is one of the most unique hidden homes in the world which is no easy task. So what then exactly sets it apart from the forest mansions and the homes sitting under the ocean’s surface?

Well, millionaires and billionaires need to go somewhere when the world is ending. And that’s why the team at Vivos created Europa One in Germany. Built about 400ft deep into a mountain this doomsday shelter is more of an underground mansion than it is a bunker. Vivos Europa One is an invitation only five star underground luxury complex with over 16,000 some of the best private living quarters money can buy. Anyone lucky enough to get the invitation can hire their own architects and contractors to design and build their own personal quarters however they see fit.

vivos Europa One
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

That is, as long as they get it done before the world comes to an end. Vivos Europe One was actually built by the former Soviet Union during the Cold War as a fortress for military equipment and munitions should the war warm up a little too much. As we all know, that never happened. The Cold War luckily ended with a whimper. The fortress was inherited by the German government and because of its location near a major public highway.

The planes to keep it as ammunition storage were scrapped. Instead, a wealthy investor quickly nabbed the property and converted it into the yacht like deep subterranean getaway it is today.

Number 07: juniper house

What better way to hide your house in the woods than by covering it in photos of the surroundings? That’s exactly what stockholm based architects hans Moran and ULA Albert thought when they designed their beloved juniper house.

It may be tough, but you can find the juniper house on the island of Gortland in the Baltic sea. This forest home came with an interesting condition that led to its unique design. The local authorities stated that no modern architecture could ever be built here if it’s going to spoil the gorgeous natural landscape. And it was that unique stipulation that gave way to this hidden home. The house quite literally disappears within the grove of its vinyl cloth facade that stretches around the building’s entire timber frame, which makes for one of the most fun games of hide and seek you’ll ever experience.

juniper house
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

And while the idea of a perfectly camouflaged facade may sound a little silly, it works quite well and only makes you appreciate the interiors even more. Sliding doors connect the forest with the awesome wood clad and stone interior that gives off the perfect scandinavian vibes. And the huge windows and inner courtyard really help you reconnect with nature while still keeping you safe, warm, and cozy.

Number 08: Edgeland House

edgeland House sometimes you want to live life out on the edge, and luckily, the edgeland house in Texas is the perfect place to do that. This texan abode is designed by bursi chen studio and hides right in the land itself.

From far off, the edgeland house doesn’t look any different from a thick grassy knoll. In fact, if you didn’t know the exact address, then chances are you’d just keep walking. That’s how hidden it is. It’s a sunken property that gets inspiration from the old vernacular houses across north America. The structure is quite literally groundbreaking and was dug right into the earth itself.

Edgeland House
Image Source: YouTube Video’s

But there’s more to this geographical choice than meets the eye, because while it may look great when you get up close and personal, the edgeland house is able to use the heat of the earth to keep everybody at the perfect temperature and still lets in the perfect amount of light. Its about as a close to living in a luxury hobbit hole as you are gonna get  its one of the most private homes on this list even for a hidden house and while the interior furnishings are off the hook it’s the outdoor courtyard that really shines because it gives off a true inside out feeling because the entire space is fully protected the edgeline house is very minimalistic and does its best not to disturb the land in which it resides.

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