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Best T-shirts For Men to Wear in 2022

T-shirts are a true wardrobe staple for all guys. What other piece can you wear to the gym, work and lounge around the house?


Tees are super versatile, and everyone can always do with another pair. With spring already here, a few new t-shirts can help revive your style and give you a boost of confidence.

There are multiple T-shirt styles that can be easily incorporated into different outfits and paired with everything from jeans to sweatpants to smart-casual trousers.

So let’s look into the best t-shirts for men to wear in 2022.

Monochrome crewneck t-shirt 

Whether it’s 1960 or 2022, a solid, high-quality monochrome t-shirt is something every guy should have.

This tee is the ultimate foundation for building various outfits, and it’s easy to create different looks for endless occasions.

The crewneck neckline is the most traditional one, so most guys will feel comfortable in this classic, and you can also experiment with various colours.

Opt for timeless black, grey, navy or white for the office and play with brighter colours like red, cobalt blue or emerald green for leisure.

Graphic t-shirt

Graphic tees can be a slippery slope as some of them make grown men look childish, but if you find stylish prints or opt for something minimal, you can completely transform your look.

Graphic t-shirts work best with casual outfits, so pair them with jeans, joggers or cargo pants and add leather or jean jacket for cooler days.

When it comes to picking the graphics, think about what you personally like and is there something you want to say. Nothing special? Modern and abstract designs are a great way to stand out yet are pretty neutral.

Otherwise, big splashy prints like the ones from Weekday can make an impression and will work best for e.g. pub or day at the beach.

Henley t-shirt

Guys love Henleys, and this style is going strong in 2022. These soft tees with a button placket are comfortable stylish and make a guy look put together even if they’re pairing them with simple chinos.

There are many great colours to choose from, but we especially like neutrals and pastels that work well for spring and summer.

Henleys are versatile, and you can style them with denim trousers, chinos and even cargo pants for the weekend. Add a blazer, and you have a smart-casual look, pair it with a denim jacket, and you’ll get an excellent weekend style.

Buck Mason has great Henleys that hug and flatter the body. Their signature piece is a curved hem tee that most guys fall in love with straight away.

Colour Block t-shirt

Colour block tees are all the range in 2022, and one can make even the simplest look runway-worthy. We recommend going all out and choosing bright shades when it comes to colours themselves, but if you’re more into neutrals or pastels, these will work too.

A colour block tee like the great ones from Dillards looks excellent with pretty much any bottoms; just make sure the colours don’t clash and maybe skip patterned chinos if you’re not super confident in your styling skills. Check out this simple black v-neck t-shirt over here.

Pocket t-shirts 

It’s incredible how such a small detail like a tiny pocket can completely change a t-shirt!

Pockets are usually added to crewnecks, but you might find V-neck with one too. These are best with casual outfits for warm spring days enjoying coffee in a park.

We love the awesome Huckberry pocket tees that deliver classic style and high-quality and will work for wherever life takes you.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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