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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth, Early Life, Profession & Personal Life

Dan Bilzerian is an American venture capitalist, actor, and poker player. He has gained immense success internationally and has a great fan following on social media. Many people love him as he has always chosen diverse roles when it comes to acting in the series. He has about 30 million followers on Instagram and Dan posts photos of videos related to his personal and professional life very often. He leads a luxurious lifestyle and has got everything at his disposal. If you want to know more about his personal and professional life read this article for complete details.


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Dan was born on December 7th, 1980 in Tampa Florida. His father Paul was a corporate specialist and they were leading a simple life. He is a white American and takes after his father. You will be surprised to know that when he reached the age of 36 he had already gotten a $40 million fortune. In 1988 Dan’s father was accused of tax and security fraud which created a lot of issues for the family. He was only eight years old but couldn’t understand what was happening.

His mother’s name is Terri and he also has a brother named Adam. When his dad was earning well they were living in a big house in Florida. His brother was a fellow poker player and they used to discuss ideas about the skills together. The mansion he lived in was spread across 2,800 square feet and had a total of ten bedrooms. When his father was under arrest they lost the home and it had to be relocated later.

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Early career

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Dan planned to join the army in 1999 and went for seal training later on. He couldn’t cope up with it and left the training program after two weeks. After leaving the military he joined the University of Florida so he could finish his degree in criminology and business. At age 29 he started playing poker professionally. He is considered one of the best poker players of his time and got career winning statistics during this time. During a legendary event of poker, he won $12.8 million. When he won the jackpot he went to Mexico on a private jet and celebrated it with his family and friends.

Acting career

Even though Dan was a perfect poker player he got an entry into the entertainment industry. He appeared in some of the most popular films and did some television series as well. Some of the movies that he has done are:

  • Olympus Has Fallen
  • Lone Survivor
  • The Other Woman
  • Extraction
  • The Equalizer
  • Cat Run 2
  • War Dogs

Social Media, Net worth and Personal Life

Dan is a famous social media personality and has now got 30 million followers on his page. He usually posts his videos on Instagram so people can know what he is doing. His lifestyle has been a difficult one and has suffered from three heart attacks until 32. Fans love to know more about him. He has been into many dating scandals till now as many women are interested in him. He is currently dating a 21-year-old female model named Sofia Beverly. The net worth of Dan is estimated to be around $200 million and he is leading a lavish life.

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