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Eddie Murphy Back In Saturday Night Live After 35 Years, Cast And Updates

Eddie Murphy popular for being a cast member of Saturday Night Live made a return to the show after long 35 years. He has been preparing for the return from the past week and was excited to be back to make people laugh all over again. The actor was just 19 years old when he first joined Saturday Night Live and saved the show from going down during the time and brought some amazing ratings for his comedic skills years back.

What was different and special in the Saturday Night Live after Eddie Murphy’s return?

Eddie Murphy delivered the good news to the world while talking to a media outlet that he is planning to do a lot of different things this time to make the show special. He is returning after 35 years and he wants things to be different and special for all his fans. He stated that he and his team members are working together to create a brilliant comeback stage and for that, he is thinking to bring back the iconic characters of Gumby, Buckwheat, Mister Robinson and Velvet Jones that he has played before on the show. Murphy said that he is going to perform all these characters and make things fun for the watchers.

So let’s take a look at the characters of Eddie Murphy that he played again on the Saturday Night Live after 35 years.

Mister Robinson

Many generations loved the show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood when they were kids. And Eddie Murphy mimicked the famous comedian Fred Rogers. Fred met Eddie and told him that many people tried to do a parody of his act but Eddie was the only one who did it perfectly. We saw Mister Robinson come back on the Saturday Night Live stage.


The Gumby Show was famous in the 1955’s but when Eddie Murphy brought back the characters of the children show the character Gumby became alive once again. Gumby made a comeback on the show as well.


The character Buckwheat became so popular that Murphy killed him off in the show. Buckwheat came back with a corn costume and enchanted the audience with a comic skit.

Holiday baking championship

He held a championship for baking in the skit and cursed out many bakers who didn’t make good cakes. He presented a demon shaped cake and contemplated how the bakers of today don’t do their job properly

The current cast of Saturday Night Live

Although The Saturday Night Live was highly focused on Eddie Murphy but there are other amazing cast members of the show that do their job perfectly. Following are the cast members who contribute a lot to the show.

  • Beck Bennete
  • Aidy Brynt
  • Michael Che
  • Pete Davidson
  • Mikey Day
  • Chloe Fineman
  • Colin Jost
  • Kate Mckinnon
  • Alex Moffat
  • Kyle Mooney
  • Kenan Thompson
  • Darrel Hammod
  • Lorne Micheals

Saturday Night Live got the biggest ratings

Saturday Night Live achieved its biggest ratings in the last two and a half year. The show was special this time because Eddie Murphy hosted it after 35 years so the boost in the ratings was expected. Many other popular singers also made a guest appearance that made the show even more special. Singers like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen and Rachel Dratch participated in the show which made it the most-watched and highest-rated episode of Saturday Night Live since 2017.

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