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Common’hood To Release In The Q4 2022

Indie developer and publisher Plethora Project have revealed this week that they will be releasing their upcoming game Common’hood. The game is expected to release this year. According to the latest updates by the game developers, the video game will be equipped with the latest features. The players can expect to enjoy the best of the virtual world. Let’s get to know more about Common’hood.

Common’hood: What Is It About?

The Game Devs Of Color Expo will be playing to build a community that can sustain itself in a new society. The players will be scavenging for goods, growing food, and researching the new tech that will be used in the game.

Common’hood Release Date

Common’hood will be released sometime in the last half of 2022. According to the latest updates the video game will be released for just PC.

Common’hood Synopsis

In Common’hood, the players step into the shoes of a young woman who has just lost her home. She has also lost her father after being unable to afford their bills. The girl plans to visit the factory that her family once owned. She discovers a community of people that are already living there.

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The people have taken shelter that are down on their luck. She is craving comfort and acceptance and struggles to get her factory back. The players will be fighting with the rest of the residents and will work to encourage positivity. They will change the entire factory and help the community grow.

Common’hood Gameplay

The players will start by growing food to make sure that no one in the shelter goes hungry. The story will progress and the players will soon be automating food growth. You will be designing and crafting buildings. They will be connecting with fellow community members and more.

The shelter will be shaped and changed according to the needs of the community. You will connect with the population and decide whether the needs of the residents are fulfilled or not. The players will make efforts to change the attitudes of the residents for the better.

You will collaborate with friends and will be building up new thriving development. The game will be designed with multiplayer support, and provide a co-op extension of the game’s sandbox environment.

Work together with friends and build incredible creations. The players will share those creations with the community online. You will also be able to upload their creations and will follow the single-player games for use. The players will be able to invite up to four players and construct amazing designs together.

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