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5 Stunning Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings You Should Consider

Lab grown diamonds have become increasingly popular among people who want to propose using sustainable and eco-friendly brilliance. The diamonds are of exceptional quality and value and shine with the same glittering charm as those mined from the earth, thus transforming the engagement ring world.

Here is a list of five stunning lab grown engagement rings that you should consider when choosing that perfect symbol of your love and commitment.

1 – Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

The solitaire lab grown diamond engagement ring is an elegant and sophisticated classic. This simple yet eye-catching design emphasizes the beauty of the center stone, allowing it to shine in full splendor. A slim or broadband holds a single ethically sourced lab diamond, appealing to those who like subtle beauty. Don’t forget to prioritize the stone’s cut, carat weight, and clarity while selecting a solitaire lab-grown diamond to maximize its brilliance. This versatile style can also be personalized with engraved bands, hidden halos, or textured band finishes.

2 – Halo Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Halo-style lab created engagement rings are beautiful and fashionable. It features a central stone with many smaller diamonds around it that make a fantastic sparkling frame.

This composition focuses on the center stone, making it bigger than its size. You can select various halo shapes, such as round cut engagement rings and pear halos, depending on your style. You may also try double halos, colored diamonds, or split shank bands.

3 – Modern Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

If contemporary designs appeal to you, this is the ring to buy. Often, these styles boast a striking look thanks to their bold lines, innovative settings, and minimalistic looks.

Consider a tension, bezel, or channel-set engagement ring for an edgy feel. Alternatively, get different band designs like two-tone or asymmetric compositions. With numerous options available, you can have a ring that expresses your personality and captures your unique preferences.

4 – Vintage-Inspired Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

A vintage-style diamond ring will fit the bill for an antique lover or anyone who loves complex patterns. These rings boast ornate milgrain edges, filigree patterns, hand-engraved designs, etc. Consider the era you want it to represent when buying a vintage-inspired lab-grown diamond ring. Options from various ages, such as the Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian, have design elements that can match your personal style.

5 – Three-Stone Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Use a three-stone lab grown diamond engagement ring to honor your past, present, and future. This design boasts a single large central diamond and two smaller ones on each side to form a perfectly balanced trio. Also, you can customize your ring by trying out various shapes for your center stone and side stones.

Popular combinations include round or princess cut center stones set with baguette or pear-shaped side stones. Three-stone rings remain an ideal choice for many reasons — beauty and sentimentality are just two of them.


Lab made diamonds sell at much lower prices compared to their naturally mined counterparts and are better substitutes. They are beautiful and have different selections, from solitaries to current works of art. So you can choose the most appropriate one for displaying your love.

With this list of five stunning options, you can easily choose a lab grown diamond engagement ring that resonates with your unique love story.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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