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Chris Van Believes Roman Reigns Needs To Leave WWE To Concentrate On Hollywood

Chris Van Vliet needs no introduction as he is a famous host. He has interviewed many top pro wrestlers and celebrities. His style of interview is loved by all the wrestling fans. If this isn’t enough he also did an interview with Tom Cruise at the red carpet. The release of latest Mission Impossible is already making headlines. Even though he has done various interviews of top wrestling stars there must a favorite one. In his recent interview he has revealed his favorites so far. If you want to know what are they keep reading this post below:

Chris is a huge fan of Roman Reigns

roman 1

It is not surprising that Chris is a huge fan of Roman. He idolizes this wrestling star since his teenage days. Being an impressive host he himself is a huge fan of wrestling. Here is what he has to say:

“It’s The Rock for me. “I was a huge Rock fan growing up. I was always a wrestling fan but became a massive wrestling fan during the Attitude Era. It’s The Rock. I dressed up as The Rock for Halloween one year. I would ask people in my high school questions just so I could simply shout ‘it doesn’t matter what you think’ at them. “I was a huge Rock fan, and he was at the top of my bucket list for years, and years, and years. I was doing all kinds of different celebrity interviews.

It wasn’t ’til I was seven years into my career that I finally did get an interview with The Rock, and they always say you shouldn’t interview heroes, you shouldn’t meet your heroes. But man, if your hero’s The Rock, you should do whatever you can to meet him. He’s great. He’s everything you want him to be and more.”

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The Rock & Roman Reigns transition from WWE to Hollywood

the rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has set an example for all the wresters who want to move to Hollywood from pro wrestling. There are many wrestling superstars including Dave Bautista and John Cena who have followed his path. Chris revealed his thoughts on who the next person to try his luck into acting. If we talk about Roman Reigns he has also appeared in some impressive movies. It doesn’t seem Rock will make a comeback to the ring seeing his tough schedule. However it is difficult to leave a project for pro wrestling either. Even Roman is desiring for the same thing. Here is what Chris has to say:

“I also just feel The Rock, he’s not done with wrestling. “I like that he will always talk about wrestling, and he always has a huge place in his heart for it, but if he does have one last match, is that it, or does he just keep going? The thing we always forget is we just see The Rock starring in these movies. We don’t understand how much is going on behind the scenes with Seven Bucks Production and him being a producer of these movies. When you talk about everybody who’s relying on him, it’s not just the people on the movie set with him, it’s everybody behind the scenes as well.”

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