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Chris Cuomo Net Worth, Bio, Salary, Career & More

Chris Cuomo is an American Television journalist and he has been serving CNN for a long time now. He is one of the most prominent journalists of all time and has been the presenter of Cuomo Prime Time. It is an analysis show and is a weeknight program that has made CNN even more famous. There is no one who doesn’t know Cuomo Prime Time as it has been getting strong ratings for the channel. If you want to know more about Chris Cuomo‘s personal and professional life let’s take a look at more details.


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Chris was born on 9th August 1970 in New York His father is the late Mario Cuomo. His brother Andrew Cuomo followed the same profession as their father. He is currently serving as the New York Governor. Chris’s sister Maria Cuomo is also a famous film producer and is married to a popular fashion designer named Kenneth Cole. He has another sister named Margaret who is a doctor and the family belongs of Italian descent. After completing his studies he was licensed as an attorney in 1995. He wanted to try his luck in media and things worked out well. Chris is one of the riches and prominent journalists of this generation. Even though his family is also popular he never took advantage of their success and became a self-made man.


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Chris started his career as a journalist and became very famous because of his hard work and skills. He has given various appearances on CBNC, CNN, and MSNBC. He became the correspondent of Fox files on Fox News and covered all the latest controversies. If this isn’t enough he also got the opportunity to work as the political analyst for Fox News. Since then there is no looking back and his popularity has been increasing ever since. The earthquake in Haiti was covered by him very well and interviewed many teens who were stuck there.

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Personal Life

Chris got married to Cristina Greeven who is a Gotham Magazine editor. They were in love and decided to get married in 2001 after a few years of relationship. He has been into few controversies and one was where he hit a man at the bar. Apart from some controversies, his personal life doesn’t feature many big stories. He has got the chance to take interviews with his famous brother who is currently the governor of New York. People were interested to see how the interview goes as it involves two family members.

Real Estate and Net worth

Chris and his wife Christina are fond of buying new properties. A few years ago they purchased a property in South Hampton that is worth $1.3 million. It features five bedrooms, four bathrooms while the overall property is 3,000 square feet. They remodeled the house and sold it for a lot of money. In 2011 they both purchased another big apartment together that was much bigger than the previous one. The Park Avenue Apartment was $2.99 million and looked more like a palace. The total net worth of Chris happens to be $12 million while his annual salary is $6 million.

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