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Shows and Movies releasing on Hulu in 2020

The online streaming platform Hulu is one of the most popular platforms for streaming videos and TV shows. The online streaming platforms have upped their game and are allowing people to watch some of the best movies and shows. Hulu keeps us busy with high-quality shows and movies and can keep you entertained and busy during the quarantine period. You can binge-watch the shows and movies that you have missed out in the past because a lot of new shows and movies will be hitting the Hulu streaming site in 2020.

Best Shows and Movies on Hulu in 2020

Celebrity Family Feud: Season 6 Premiere 

Celebrity family feud: Season 6 will premier in June and we will be witnessing our favorite celebrities competing with their families once again in this season. The shows revolve around famous celebrities and their immediate families and they compete with each other and get into various competitions. The winner gets money and that winning amount is donated to the charity organizations.

Almost adults

Almost adults revolve around two best friends who are in the final year of their college and are entering their adulthood. The best friends find it hard to stick together with each other as they get busy with their own lives. One of them catches up with life and makes new friends and does everything that she has missed out in college life. The other friend ends up breaking up with her boyfriend and start exploring other things in life.

The Appearance

An investigator inquires about the death of a monk and also researches about the witchcraft that took place in the middle ages. The thriller film has some amazing twists and turns and will shock and surprise the audience every second you are watching it.

Mr. Beans’s holiday

Mr.Bean is going to France on a holiday. The trip doesn’t go the way he had wanted to and unfortunate and weird incidents happen that spoil his trip. He faces a series of misunderstandings and gets into a lot of fuss and problems. Mr. Beans accidentally appears on the Cannes film festival and the series of events turn into problems.

The Chi: Complete Season 3

The Chi is an American drama series that revolves around the life story of a neighborhood in America. The first and second season of the Chi was highly popular and the third season is also a good one time watch. The show revolves around the interesting stories of different families in the neighborhood.

The X Files

The X-Files is an American science fiction drama.  The TV series has been airing since 1993 and The X-Files has multiple series and a lot of episodes that you can binge-watch. The program has 9 seasons and has a total of 202 episodes. If you haven’t watched The X-Files before then you are in for a treat because the show has a lot of episodes.

Which shows are the most anticipated on Hulu in June 2020?

  • The Gallows Act II
  • 6 Souls
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  • That’s My Boy
  • The Peacemaker
  • La Bamba
  • Hart’s War
  • Love Victor: Series Premiere – Hulu Original
  • Zoom
  • Out of Sight
  • Natural Born Killers
  • Tears of the Sun
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