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Chief Keef Net Worth, Personal Life, Career And Other Details

Chief Keef is an American rapper who is known for producing and composing man rap songs that were a major success in America. The rapper has a net worth of $1 million. Chief Keef has been credited to be the pioneer of “mumble rap” and “drill” sub-genres of rap music.

Chief Keef has a major and undeniable impact on the hip-hop world and introduced many types of rap styles to the world. The actor who is also known as “Sosa,” has struggled with many legal and financial issues but has emerged out to be a winner and has won all the battles in his life.

Early Life

chief keef

 Keith Farrell Cozart was born on August 15th of 1995 in Chicago. The rapper was born to a 16-year-old mother and was raised on the South Side of Chicago. He was brought up in a low-income apartment complex which was known as the “O-Block.”

Cozart became a member of the Black Disciples gang that was a prominent gang of boys in Chicago. When he was 5, Keith started to produce his own raps which are prepared using his grandmother’s karaoke machine. He later recorded them with cassette tapes. He dropped out of high school when he was just 15.

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Chief Keef first gained fame as a rapper when he was just 16-year-old. He released many mixtapes such as “The Glory Road” and “Bang.” He was under house arrest after getting into multiple legal issues. The rapper started to upload tracks to his YouTube account while being house arrested. One of these songs was “I Don’t Like,” and it became a big success and started the new rap subgenre known as “Drill.” The song made Chief Keef to become one of the top rappers in America.

Chief Keef Net worth

Chief Keef has a net worth of $ 1 million and he managed to acquire these assets by producing rap songs and albums. In 2013, Chief Keef was sued by a $75,000 by a promotion company after he failed to show up for a schedule in London, England. Keef was ordered by the court to pay $230,000 which affected his net worth total a lot. Keef has been advertising many local brands that have added a lot to his net worth.

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Chief Keef Legal Battles and Issues

Chief Keef was arrested for smoking marijuana and was also charged for speeding, and violating parole. Keef was also sued for missing concerts and performances. The rapper was also arrested for driving under the influence. He has also been accused of robbing a producer by the name of Ramsay Tha Great.

Chief Keef has also struggled with child support issues and claims in court. Chief is a father to three children in his lifetime. The court has also requested for DNA test in order to confirm whether or not he was actually the father or not during the cases. He failed to appear in a court case where the mother of the child had asked for child support. A warrant was also issued for his arrest in the case. Chief Keef’s family members have also been killed that includes his stepbrother and his cousin.

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