The Federal Cabinet has authorised the extension of four foreign missions decided for another year. Including the engagement in Afghanistan “Resolute Support” that will continue regardless of a possible partial withdrawal of US soldiers first, virtually unchanged.

On the Cabinet table, the mandate renewals of the three inserts, which are publicly observed: The Nato Operation “Sea Guardian” in the Mediterranean sea, as well as the participation in the UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan (UNMISS) and in Sudan (UNAMID). The last word of the Bundestag. The upper limits for the use of soldiers and the order to remain in the nucleus unchanged.

“Resolute Support”: the support and training of Afghan security forces. Currently, about 1,200 German soldiers in the Nato Mission in Afghanistan. The upper limit is 1300 soldiers.

The Nato Mission “Sea Guardian” is used for the Monitoring of the Mediterranean with ships and aircraft. Currently, the use of group-contained “Bonn”, supports Operation with 180 soldiers. The personnel upper limit is 650 soldiers.

UNAMID: the protection of The civilian population and humanitarian aid are at the heart of the UN Mission in Darfur. The mandate allows the use of up to 50 German soldiers.

UNMISS: Originated from the predecessor mission, UNMIS, the Declaration of independence of South Sudan in 2011, and to support the peace process and protect civilians. It is up to 50 German soldiers can be used.