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By the Grace of the Gods Anime Updates and More

Isekai is a popular genre of anime and manga series. The genre revolves around the characters that are transported to a different world. The characters transport to another world and are involved in various kinds of adventures. By The Grace Of God is also an isekai genre manga series. The anime is based on the life of a person who is born again and is blessed by Gods with a happy and peaceful life.  We have gathered all the information about By The Grace of Gods and the fans can stay tuned to the post by reading the full post.

When will By The Grace of Gods release?

Funimation that is the production house behind the anime series has released the first episode of Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko. It released on July 3rd and the new episodes were released during the Funimation Con virtual event 2020. The official trailer of By The Grace of Gods has already been released on July 10. The series is all set to premiere in October 2020. The fans are eagerly waiting for the anime to release.

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What are the latest updates on By The Grace Of Gods?


The release of By The Grace of Gods is approaching near and Funimation has released a lot of new information about the series. The official website of By The Grace Of God has released a key visual and the second visual will release on August 8. The key visual has been released and the announcement followed the opening and closing themes for By The Grace Of Gods.

The theme songs and the opening song is as follows:

  • Opening Theme: Yasashi Isekai by Azusa Tadokoro
  • Ending Theme: BLUE ROSE knows by Minda Ryn

The fans are eagerly waiting for the anime to debut soon. The teasers for the first episode have already been released.  Funimation has already released the key visual and theme songs and is waiting for the anime to release soon. The additional cast for the anime has also been announced.

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What is the plot By The Grace Of Gods?


By The Grace Of Gods is based on the light novel series that is written by Roy and Ririnra. The anticipate series By the Grace of God has been produced by Maho film. The series is based on the life of a man named Ryouma Takebayashi. He is a middle-aged man and he ends up dying an unfortunate death. When he goes to the afterlife he is pitied by the three deities.

They feel that his life and death were unfair and they reincarnate him and give him new abilities to live a happy life. He is reincarnated into a forest where he leads a peaceful life. Ryouma spends his life peacefully in the forest. He hunts and eats his meals and spend time along the seashore when he is bored. He soon gets involved with humans and due to his special abilities, he sets out on adventures that change his life. He discovers life and new things and gets in contact with humans.

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