The Brandenburg CDU-Chef Ingo Senftleben, don’t expect that the Grand coalition will be in Berlin for a long time in the office.

He believe that “the Landtag elections in the East will accelerate the disintegration of the Grand coalition,” he told the “Tagesspiegel on Sunday”. As a reason, he cited the Situation of the SPD: “To the party top, there is a free space, and it will not be jostled to occupy him.” With poor results in regional elections on may 1. September in Saxony and Brandenburg would break out in the case of the social Democrats further discussions. In Thuringia on March 27. In October a new Parliament is elected.

The Commissioner of the SPD parliamentary leader Rolf Mützenich’t see the big coalition, however, still far from the end. Union and the SPD have enough points in the coalition agreement, which would need to be edited, he said the “Rheinische Post” about the climate protection plan, the basic pension and the digitalisation of the working world. He would like to carry on with the social Democrats to government responsibility: “the role of The opposition is not at all mine.”

The candidate for the party presidency, Karl Lauterbach, meet with his arguments against the coalition of the mood in the SPD, said mützenich. “But there are also other views. I must free myself from the moods. I want to make the SPD is self-conscious,” he said. Lauterbach had made no secret of the fact that he holds the government, with the participation of the SPD in many areas, virtually failed, and called for the withdrawal of the SPD from the Grand coalition.

Also, the Bautzen mayor Alexander Ahrens, of applying for the SPD chairmanship, wants to leave the Grand coalition at the Federal level. “You are not allowed to discuss the limits of the coalition agreement,” – quoted by “MDR Aktuell” on Saturday. Therefore, he wanted to recommend, if he is elected party leader, the base, to leave the coalition with the Union. The SPD politician had announced on Friday together with the Flensburg mayor Simone Long as his candidacy for the party chairmanship.

Until 1. September can apply to candidates for the successor of the outgoing party leader Andrea Nahles yet. Known to the public the applications of Minister of state for Europe Michael Roth and the former North Rhine-Westphalian Minister for family Affairs, Christina Kampmann, as well as the Bundestag deputies Karl Lauterbach and Nina Scheer so far. The chair should be a member survey on a party Congress at the beginning of December is occupied.

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