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Born Again Episode 21 & 22 Release Date, Streaming And Other Important Details

Born Again is a South Korean Television series that has made a mark in the hearts of viewers pretty soon. Nowadays crime thrillers are gaining a lot of attention all over the world and the reason is obvious. The way twists are handled in a thriller no other show can beat that. The serial killer stories can give you a tough time in getting to know about what will happen next. If you have still not watched Born again you should definitely give it a try as it is getting good reviews and appreciation from everyone. Let’s discuss the release date, streaming, and other important details.

Plot and Review on Born again

The plot of Born again revolves around life, death, and second chances a person has to deal with. It is like a time-traveling show where haunting stories and serial killers have been portrayed. The serial murder cases have been going around in 1980 and from the present time a detective takes charge. Cha Hyung Bin is a detective who is serious about his job and is ready to reveal all these happenings. He has dedicated all his life to criminal justice and is in love with Ha Eun and she is the love of his life. She is a book shop owner and is suffering from heart illness but she has kept it a secret from others. Cha Hyung Bin is shocked to know that he isn’t the only one who is in love with Ha Eun but the serial killer Gong Ji Chul is also in love with her. The interesting twist is that all these characters have been reincarnated in the new world and they all have a fated encounter since the past. The cast has given a good performance and you will like their characters as well. The cast consists of the following people.

  • Jang Ki Yong
  • Jin Se-Yun
  • Lee Soo Hyuk
  • Jung –In Gyeom

What happened in Episode 20 of Born again?

With all the murders going on by the serial killer people are confused about what to do.Jae Yi tells Su Hyuk that it is Jong Bum who has been continuously stalking Sa bin.Cha Hyun Bin wants to get all the details and he is himself confused about how their fates are connected with each other. He goes to different houses and in search of the serial killer. He has to find the home where the actual murder has taken place. Episode 20 was very interesting and the twists will blow your mind. It seems time is near and all the interesting twists will be revealed. As episode 21 is coming out soon you will get to know all your answers. If you have not tried it yet you can catch up with all the episodes soon.

Born again streaming details and release date

The 21 and 22nd episodes of Born again will be released on Monday and Tuesday May 25th and May 26th 2020.KBS2 is a very popular South Korean TV channel and many good shows are telecasted there. If you are streaming from a different country you can catch up with the episodes on the official channel’s website. There are many other episodes online which provide episodes with English Subtitles. It is natural that people from other countries don’t understand Korean Language but due to their huge popularity among people they are available in English Subtitles.

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