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Daniel Bryan Is No Longer A Part of WWE: Find Out All The Details

All the wrestling fans like to read the latest gossip from WWE. They like to visit those sites that bring them the latest pro wrestling gossip. Daniel Bryan has a big fan following and he has been into wrestling for some time now. According to the latest updates he is no longer in a contract with WWE. The story is revealed by the top wrestling news websites. It seems that Daniel’s contract has ended after his WWE Championship match against Roman Reigns. The Smackdown last week looks like his last match of the career. Even though his contract has ended WWE hopes he can come back after their intense conversation. Here are more details about Daniel Bryan.

When did Daniel Bryan’s contract end with WWE?

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Daniel Bryan has lost the match against Roman Reigns in this week’s knockdown. If rumors are believed he is forced to leave Smackdown. There many stories floating around and people have found a convenient way to write Bryan off the show. Maybe he plans not to sign a deal with the company, and everyone suspects that his career has ended. However, this news has not gone down well for the fans and they are still not sure what to believe.

It also seems that Daniel wants to enhance his career by joining a new company other than WWE. Whatever he chooses will depend on money offers or other concessions at work. It seems that WWE is still hopeful that Daniel will choose them over other companies. The contract of Bryan has ended with WWE and his last match wasn’t convincing either. The 39-year-old wrestler was beaten by Roman Reigns. Even though Daniel was banished from Smackdown he can continue to wow fans in Monday Night Raw or NXT.

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Did Daniel and Bryan have open communication with WWE?

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Daniel has been serving in the creative team of Smackdown. Apart from that, he has successfully played in the ring for many years now. Many fans are assuming that he may well sign a new deal with WWE. He may have signed a deal already and no one knows. In recent times, he has shown a lot of interest in wrestling but for different companies. It doesn’t mean that he is not interested in WWE but he wants to explore other options.

It is for sure that WWE will not like Daniel to be a part of AEW. If this happens it will be considered a bigger and better deal than Jericho and Moxley joining WWE. It all depends on the desire of Bryan that whether he will like to join WWE or some other company. He wants to spend more time with his family but has the ability to go for additional promotions. Daniel has been open about his concerns and a wish with WWE. Everyone hopes to have concrete results.

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