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Bobby Brown Net Worth, Bio, Age, Profession & More

Bobby Brown is an American R&B singer who has been a part of the group New Edition. After his successful stint in the band, he went solo and gained immense fame again. Bobby Brown became even more famous when he married Whitney Houston. They stayed together for more than a decade. Many fans around the world love his music and whatever he has achieved till now is because of his talent. We have gathered all the important information regarding his personal and professional life. Keep reading the article below so you can get to know him even better.



Bobby Brown was born on February 5th, 1969 in Boston Massachusetts. He was born and brought up well even though his family was big. Bobby has got eight siblings and is close to all of them. When he was only three years old he had the passion for music in him. James Brown performed in his hometown and he became a big fan. When he started dreaming to become a good performer he planned to join the choir team in the church. Bobby turned 12 and his friends suggested that they should start a music band. They named the band New Edition and started making successful songs. Bobby is 51 years old and his height is five feet and ten inches.

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Personal Life

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The personal life Bobby came into the limelight when he got into a relationship with Whitney Houston. As he was getting a lot of success in the music industry there were controversies building up. He was known as a womanizer and it damaged his repute among fans. He got married to Whitney in 1992 and the couple has one daughter only. The marriage went on for about 15 years but it wasn’t a happy one. Bobby’s attitude didn’t change as he was involved in drug use, drunk driving, domestic violence, and cheating on his wife. The couple got divorced after all these years and Bobby is now married to his manager. They are blessed with one son too.

Career and Success

Bobby started a band named New Edition with his friends and released the first album. The debut album candy girl boasts of melodious songs and reached number 20 on the Billboard R&B singles chart. Together the band has many successful tours, albums, and singles so they could earn a good amount of money. In 1986 he planned to go solo and released an album named King of Stage. He also got the chance to team up with Teddy Riley, L.A. Reid, and Babyface for his second album known as don’t be cruel. The album was a worldwide success and it sold over 12 million copies globally. He used to reunite with his band from time to time and they gained a lot of success too.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Bobby happens to be around $2million.At the time of Whitney’s death, he sold off his property for a high amount of money. His successful albums, songs, and tours are his major source of income. He is a rich celebrity who likes to live a lavish lifestyle. Apart from that, he has wasted a lot of money on drugs and other illegal activities.

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