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New Year’s Eve 2020 NYC Guide Including Things To Do

2020 is approaching soon and it is that time of the year again when you set new goals, reflect on your mistakes that you made this year and most importantly it is the time of celebration. New Year celebrations are huge all over the world but NYC is a party place and you can’t miss out on the fun if you are in New York for celebrating the New Year. There is no better place to welcome the New Years than in New York. You can stay inside and watch the festivities going on TV but why let only other people have all the fun. Welcome 2020 with style and swag because we are going to guide you to do the best things if you are celebrating your New Year in New York. Here are some places that are not to be missed if you are in New York for the New Year Eve.

Times Square

If you haven’t heard of the Time’s Square New Year Celebration you would probably be living under rocks. You might have heard about it but don’t know the details. Expect a great amount of public present there because the event is free. Over 1 million people are at the site so it is best if you arrive a little earlier if you want a good spot. The event goes on all night long and the exit will take a while because it is too crowded. Make sure to bring snacks and wear warm clothes because it is freezing cold.

Watching Fireworks

New York is an extraordinary spot for watching fireworks and the city offers it from 2 vintage spots. If you tour Brooklyn Bridge you are sure to have a fun and educational trip. The tour on the bridge gives you details about the history of the bridge and many other tidbits and the tour ends up with beautiful fireworks. Prospect Park in Brooklyn has live music and fireworks so make sure to visit if you are in the town.

Attend a Concert

If you are a music lover attend a concert because various artists perform in New York on New Year’s Eve. The annual concert held for peace in Cathedral Church is also a spiritual place to visit where the celebration is done that includes music, dance and candle lightening.

Head to A party

Are you a party person and want to spend the night away drinking and dancing? You can head to a party because many flashy and lavish parties are held in New York for New Years. The Ditty in Astoria is not much expensive and you can have a casual night at the club. If you like to dance and have fun BANG ON is the place for you.

Boat Cruise

A boat cruise on the New York harbor is interesting all the through year but it gets even more exciting at the New Years Eve. Most boat cruises are very expensive so make sure to look for a New York Water Taxi Cruise because it is not very expensive and you can also get to see fireworks when you cruise away.

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Working out on the New Years isn’t an ideal option but if you are in New York it can turn out to be fun. The central Park holds an event for a midnight run which starts at 10 pm and the fun begins with music and dancing. You will be joined by hundreds of joggers so it will be even more fun. Are you into biking and not running? Book yourself New Year Eve Ride which is a free event for bike riding lovers and gives them a chance to ride through midtown and lower east side.

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Teodora Torrendo
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