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Bigg Boss 13: Kamya Punjabi against Shehnaz Gill, Vindu Dara Singh regretted supporting Singer

Bigg Boss 13 Actress Kamya Punjabi has raised questions on the attitude of Shehnaz Gill. On Twitter, Kamya Punjabi has exposed the truth of her game plan by applying Shehnaz’s class.

Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill have a lot of estrangement these days after playing a friendship relationship for 4 months in Big Boss. The fans of both are disappointed with the separation of Sidnaz. Shehnaz is making every effort to convince the angry Siddharth. But Siddharth clearly said that he does not want to belong to him.

Kamya Punjabi attacked Shehnaz Gill

Since Siddharth has saved Aarti Singh during the nomination task, Shehnaz has been upset. Actress Kamya Punjabi has raised questions on this attitude of Shehnaz. On Twitter, Kamya Punjabi has exposed the truth of her game plan by applying Shehnaz’s class. Also supported Siddharth. Kamya wrote in the tweet – If Siddhartha saves Aarti, it is wrong. You kill slaves on Gulati, right? Shehnaz has played most of the tasks at home against Siddharth. As you say, you are a flipper.

Kamya further wrote- ‘To flip on your need and come to Siddharth on your need is not love, but the game. Shehnaaz Gill is playing very well. Then why all this drama? Apart from Kamya, Vindu Dara Singh is also upset with Shehnaz’s behaviour. They are trending #NoMoreSidNaaz on Twitter. In a tweet, Vindu wrote that he regretted supporting Shehnaz and making his trend.

Rashmi Desai told Shehnaz’s game plan

Earlier, Vindu and Kamya have been supporting Shehnaz Gill. But now they have also understood Shehnaaz’s game. Rashmi Desai also said in the last episode that Shehnaz’s game is only Siddharth. Shehnaz is weak without Siddharth. In the upcoming episode, Shehnaz Gill will vent his anger on Siddharth during the Captaincy Task. She angrily shouts at Siddharth, pushes him and grabs his collar.

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