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Heels Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & All You Need To Know

All the fans of Heels will be happy to know that the show is renewed for a new season. The star studded wrestling drama has captured the interest of audience since its release. There are very few series that capture the heart of audiences and win critics appreciation too. Heels has been on such drama that has got popularity everywhere. It has got everything that a viewer will like to see. The US broadcaster Starz has confirmed the renewal for season 2 right after the finale. If you want more information regarding this series, we have it all here:

What is the Plot of Heels Season 2?

heels 1

If we talk about the season one of Heels it revolved around two brothers Jack and Ace spade. They both take on the role of ‘heel’ and ‘face’ inside the wrestling ring. Along with that they have some family responsibilities to fulfill. However the role they play inside the ring starts impacting their daily life too. Even though other wrestlers get frustrated, Jack and ace are busy in their rivalry.

They both have the passion and ambition to take on the role of their father’s Duffy Wrestling League. This small wrestling company faces tough competition from the big companies. As the second season is coming out we can hope to see some investigation relating to Jack and Ace opposing power sources. The personal and professional conflicts will continue to increase. It can be spiced up with some sub plots and other interesting ingredients. Ace is still in pain due to his father’s death. Let’s wait and see what’s in store for both the brothers in season 2.

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Who is in the cast of Heels Season 2?

heels 2

The cast of the first season of heels is very talented. We all are used to see them in the roles of Ace and Jack. Amell and Ludwig will reprise their roles of Jack and Ace in season 2. All the cast members are good. Everyone hope to see the brilliant performances once again. Here is the list of other cast members below:

  • Alison Luff as Staci Spade
  • Mary McCormack as Willie Day
  • Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler
  • Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robbins
  • James Harrison as Apocalypse
  • Roxton Garcia as Thomas Spade
  • Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock

What is the release date of Heels Season 2?

If we talk about Heels season 2, the production will begin sometime this year. Due to pandemic there have been constant delays. However we can hope that the filming will being within this year. We can expect the series to come out next year or at the end of this year. As soon as a concrete date is announced, we will be the first one to let you know. Till now enjoy other shows and keep checking this space for more updates!

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