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Best Classic Shows to Watch on Hulu

There are so many shows to binge-watch on Hulu. There are new shows coming out every season and fans of the online streaming platform are always busy watching new shows. As there is a famous quotation Old is Gold. Hulu has so many classic shows that can give you an entertaining time. There are so many classic shows that are a must-watch. There are remakes of old shows but the original versions are always better than the remakes. We will be giving you details about some of the best classic shows that you can watch on Hulu during the quarantine period.

I Love Lucy

i love lucy

I Love Lucy is a family drama and has a sweet storyline. The drama revolves around the character of Lucy who has a happy go lucky nature. You will laugh at many situations in the drama and the way Lucy deals with certain things will leave you shocked. The drama has many light and hilarious moments. I Love Lucy aired six seasons and defined the introduction of seasons in the Television industry.

The Brady Brunch

brady brunch

The Brady Bunch is a story about blended families that face issues while staying together. The older dramas focused more on family life and the Brady Bunch had a lot of competitors during its airing time. The Brady Bruch became one of the most popular dramas and is still loved by a lot of people around the globe. The drama has a lot of heartfelt and warm moments between the family members that will keep you hooked to the drama.

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The Mary Taylor Moore Show

mary taylor moore

The Mary Taylor show revolves around the bunch of characters that are very ambitious and make all kinds of efforts to improve their life. The drama has a genuine narrative and the characters in the drama are relatable. The group of friends is fun and exciting characters and you will have a fun time watching the characters act out. The group of friends will help you to get motivated about achieving your dreams. If you haven’t been focusing on your ambitions and dreams then this drama will boost you up to do better with your life.



Taxi is a simple sitcom that revolves around the characters of Taxi drivers. Taxi covers a lot of important tales and stories of that time. There are various characters in the drama and you will enjoy each and every character for its uniqueness. Taxi is a fun ride and would be enjoyable for all the people who love fast-paced dramas.

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The Golden Girls

golden girls

The Golden Girls is a fun drama about four women who are old but young at heart. The drama has a backdrop of Miami and the girls have fun and explore the nightlife. The girl Gang has planned to spend the rest of their life having fun. You will get many friendship goals incidents and will enjoy all the scenes of the drama. There are high chances that you will end up calling your best friend and will call her out for a night out after watching the drama. The drama was a huge success during its run and was an entertaining show that left good memories for its fans.

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