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All You Need To Know About The Game Based Learning Platform Kahoot

In our day-to-day life teachers and students want to know everything about the latest knowledge in every field. Kahoot is one of the leading game-based learning platforms that has helped teachers and students to learn about different fields. The Kahoot Login page is used for homework and studying by the teachers and the students.

In this article, we will guide you about how you can easily log in to Kahoot. Everybody can use Kahoot as it is easy to use. You can log in to the platform from your home or from your school. Kahoot is the best learning platform for students who wish to learn by playing quiz-based games. Kahoot is one of the best platforms for learning and is considered to be the best homework app.

Kahoot It

Before using Kahoot you should know how it works and what it is about? In simple words, Kahoot is an app that allows students to learn new things. Kahoot allows the students to learn and study by solving simple puzzles and quizzes. Kahoot games or puzzles are created by the teachers and then they can share the code with their students. After entering the code students can play the games. Kahoot is a free platform and you can use it without paying any fees. It is also easy to log in to the Kahoot platform.

How to Log in to Kahoot

People are often curious about how to log in to Kahoot. if you are one of those people who want to log in to the platform then this guide will be helpful. You just need to open your web browser and visit the Kahoot site. You must sign up as a teacher or a student.

Kahoot app is also available on the Google Playstore and the Apple Playstore. After downloading the app you have to create your own Kahoot account. When you are done making an account you just have to sign up for the platform. The app/website is available all over the world.

How to create a Kahoot Account?

  • First of all, you have to visit the official Kahoot website. Create your own Kahoot account for free.
  • You will see the login option on the website or the Kahoot app that you have downloaded. You will spot the labels like “As a teacher”, “As a student”, “Socially”, and “At Work”.
  • Choose the option which suits you better and go forward by clicking on it.
  • A new webpage will open and you will see the “Sign up with Google, Sign up with Microsoft, or Sign up with Email.” Choose the option that suits you.
  • Kahoot will ask you to enter some personal information. Fill it and submit it next.
  • You have to enter some required details like your name, college, username. Accept terms and conditions box.
  • You are free to “Join Kahoot” and can start using it right away.

Kahoot Login for Teachers

All the teachers can log in to Kahoot. As a teacher, you can create puzzles for the kids. The teachers can also shop for merchandise from the official Kahoot website. You can use the platform for free and it is available in every country. You just have to log in to the platform and teach your kids. The website offers a lot of options for the kids. You can edit the question or answer easily. A small toolbar will appear on the text box. This will allow you to format text as bold, italic, superscript, or subscript.

Kahoot Login For Students

Kahoot is a platform that is best for the students. It allows them to learn about different subjects. Kahoot can be accessed by the students and as well as by the teachers. Kahoot is easy to use and is also available free of cost. As a student, you can play quizzes and games and get knowledge.

How to choose the best Kahoot Name?

As a student, you can use any login name. The students can also be creative with their usernames.

How to get the Kahoot Pin?

Kahoot Pin is a basic requirement to use the platform. It is a participant link that will allow you to enter a quiz or game. The teacher who has prepared the quiz will give you the Kahoot Pin. The students will enter the pin on Kahoot and will be able to participate in a particular quiz.

Can I use Kahoot at Home?

Yes! You can use Kahoot anywhere and everywhere. If you have a computer/mobile and a good internet connection, then you can use Kahoot easily.

Can a Parent login to Kahoot?

Yes! Kahoot can be used by a parent, student, and teacher. Parents can also create quizzes for their kids to help them learn and play.

Is it possible to hack Kahoot?

There are many tools that allow users to hack Kahoot. We suggest you avoid hacking an account because that will lead to getting your account blocked.

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