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Top Star Becky Lynch Injured At WWE SummerSlam

There is big news coming out of last night and that is about the first match of a popular show. Bianca Belair got the chance to defend her ‘Raw’ Women’s Championship successfully. In this match she was up against Becky Lynch. By all means it was more like a full circle moment for ‘The EST of WWE’. Considering the last year of SummerSlam wrestling fans have witness a lot of intense matches inside the ring. The singles match for the SmackDown Women’s title is more than interesting. Here is more to this story:

Becky Suffers From A Shoulder Injury

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SmackDown Women’s Title Champion is an impressive event that boasts of many good performances. In one of the singles match Becky will defeat Bianca in a rapid 26 seconds. It will be a far cry from how it will fall into being so competitive. Even the back and forth match that was played last night at “The Biggest Party of the summer’’ has been intense.

Unfortunately one of the woman from this match may have suffered a shoulder/arm injury. In the heat of this match she couldn’t save herself from in-ring pressure. Becky suffers from an injury and was seen leaving with the medical team backstage. She was intentionally keeping her arm near her body but didn’t shy away from giving a thumbs up.

During this intense match she noticeably started having some problem in her shoulder. She was conscious about it after receiving a Glam Slam from Bianca. There is no concrete update on whether she will be sidelined due to this injury or not. This isn’t the first time Becky received an injury from her fellow rival. They both are competing with each other since some time and it makes their matches difficult to handle. Before the WrestleMania 38 match she fractured her larynx. However, she got a chance to get back to the matches earlier than expected.

Several Wrestling Stars Return To WWE Last Night

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Several wrestling stars have returned to WWE last night. The list includes multi-time Women’s Champion, Bayley. Other members include former “NXT” alumni Io Shirai who is popularly known as Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai.

It is a new all-women stable that features Bayley, Sky and Kai. They were pitched against each other sometime before Kai was released from WWE in April. Earlier Vince McMahon has rejected this new idea altogether. Even when other versions were pitched against each other the results for the matches have been different. Kay Lee Ray and Raquel Rodriguez have been a part of this match.

These three talented women wrestling stars will now be returning as the collective force. They will immediately have to confront the “Raw” Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair. It was Becky who had to turn her face for the very first time in few years now. Earlier she would stand by Bianca’s side and show her skills with various moves. She will not like the new faction run through Bianca even if she has got something to say. If you want to find out more about WWE SummerSlam results, look for them on their official website.

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Naomi To Feature In Her First Non-WWE Related Appearance

Fans of the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will be happy to learn that Naomi will be back very soon. She will appear at C2E2 as a special guest on August 6th and 7th. At this convention all the wrestling fans will be able to meet her for photos and autographs. For this you have to purchase tickets and go to the event. There will be a lot other personalities joining in from the world of professional wrestling. It includes the list of AEW World Champion CM Punk, fellow AEW star Danhausen, WWE Hall of Famer Lita, and more.

Interestingly this announcement is coming right after Booker T made a lot of headlines. It encourages Naomi to “take care of her family”. Everyone wants Naomi to make some media appearances with her family too. This event is named C2E2 as she is reportedly making around $30,000 for an appearance. Earlier Sasha Bank has made a lot of amount of money through her appearances for such events. Here is what Naomi has to say about it: “Looking at this for me like I’ve looked at it for 31 plus years, it’s a job, man … You better look out for yourself.”

Earlier this week it was reported that WWE will be under a new creative team altogether. Under the new leadership of Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H a lot of new things will be seen. There are plans for reconciliation with Sasha and Naomi. However, there were news that Naomi tried to negotiate a deal before her exit from WWE, but things didn’t work. The contract of Sasha Bank is set to expire sometime later this year. Keep checking this space for more news and updates on wrestling.

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