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Arik Weinstein Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships & More

Arik Weinstein is working as an aircraft mechanic professionally. He is the author of the book named the untold story. Many people appreciate whatever he has been doing as tries hard to achieve his goals. He has become a source of inspiration from other aircraft mechanics too. Arik came into limelight when he was in a relationship with Bar Refaeli. If you want to know more about Arik her are a lot of details about him.

Bio and Early Life

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Arik Weinstein was born in the 80’s in Israel. Even though he was born in Israel he was raised in America. His father’s name is Reuven Weinstein. He has two children named Etay Weinstein and Dana Weinstein Zdroyevski.  He was brought up in a middle class family and after completing his studies he chose a career of aircraft mechanic. Since childhood he was also interested in writing and had keen interest to know about a lot of things around him.

Marriage, Dating and Relationships

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Arik Weinstein has been dating the hot mode Bar Refaeli. She is also from Israel and bonded over many similarities. They got married in 2003 but their relationship couldn’t last for more than two years. Bar is now married to a businessman from Israel. They are blessed with three children. Since then Arik is linked with many other ladies. He got married again and has two children, one daughter and a son.

Net Worth

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Arik earns well from his aircraft mechanic and author career. The estimated net worth of Arik happens to be around $18 million. If we talk about his salary his monthly average is at $88,540. Usually the range falls between $77,145 and $ 99,801. This amount is huge considering his career is growing well and continues to do so. He has written many famous books that include ‘the untold story’ that has sold over many copies in the world. The cost of each book is around $ 5.55 that also helped him earn a big amount. He lives a luxurious lifestyle and has many big cars at his disposal. Currently he earns a luxurious Rolls Royce that is an expensive car. Apart from that his bank accounts are full with a lot of money. He is the owner of a private jet that makes it easy for him to travel.

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Career and Social media popularity

Arik Weinstein is an aircraft mechanic by profession. He started his career successfully from 1998 to 2000. As his popularity was rising he started giving out his services internationally since 2012. Apart from that he is also a popular author and has written many famous books till date. He is very active on the social media and tries to post pictures regularly. Due to his dating and relationship rumors with many woman people are curious to know more about him. There are around 2.3k followers of him on Instagram while he has around 2.9k followers on his twitter account.

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