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Archive: Release Date, Cast, Plot, &All You Need to Know

The archive is a sci-fi film and if you want to enjoy a good quality film you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch it. The best thing is that the movie is available on many streaming websites so you can watch it anytime you want. Gavin Rothery is making his directorial debut and he has given his best for the making of this important film. The response from the audience and critics has been highly positive and this is what is giving them a lot of inspiration. We have gathered all the important information regarding Archive so keep reading the article below.


What is the plot of Archive and is there any trailer for the movie?

Archive 1

The plot of Archive is very unique and the background is set in the future 2038. The scenes featuring the future are created with a lot of wonderful graphics. It revolves around the life of a scientist named George Almore and he has dedicated all this life for working on the latest technology on Artificial intelligence. The labor is not in work as the intelligence features a high level of technology to handle manual tasks. George has to keep this thing as a secret and find the solutions for the biggest project of his life. He is handling this project as he wants to reunite with his dead wife and this is why he won’t share the details with others.

Gavin has been the writer for many other important films but this film has been even more special as it marks his directorial debut as well. The film has been produced by Vertical Entertainment and you will witness some of the best things you have seen before. The photography is top-notch and it will give you visual pleasing effects. The film has been getting wonderful response and the ratings on social media are high. You can watch the trailer in HD quality and watch what is happening inside. The direction has got so many visual effects and everything goes smoothly when you watch the movie itself.

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Who is in the cast of Archive?

Archive 2

The cast of Archive features some of the most talented actors in the industry. The performances of all the actors are quite good and you will be mesmerized with them. You can check out the names of the cast members below.

  • Theo James as George Almore
  • Stacy Martin as Jules Almore / J2, George’s wife and she has been shown dead
  • Rhona Mitra as Simone, Artisan Robotics working for the VP of Internal Development
  • Peter Ferdinando as Mr. Tagg
  • Richard Glover as Melvin, Vincent Sinclair’s associate
  • Hans Peterson as Elson
  • Lia Williams as George’s house’s voice system
  • Toby Jones as Vincent Sinclair happens to be the Archive company’s and one of the executives

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When is Archive releasing?

Archive movie has been produced by Vertical Entertainment and will be released on 10th July 2020. It is available on many digital platforms and you can download it very easily in the HD quality. The movie was supposed to release in March but it got delayed due to coronavirus outbreak. Anyhow the wait is finally over and you can watch the movie as it has already released.

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