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Holy Holm Net Worth, Career, Bio, Age & Other Details

Holly Holm is an American mixed martial artist and a former kickboxer and boxer. She has been in the sports industry for many years now. Holy is ranked as one of the best professional boxers of all time. If this isn’t enough she has also got a lot of recognition and been a multi-time world champion. She has won eighteen world championships and that too in three different weight classes. Many of her fans are excited to know that she is the former UFC women’s Bantamweight champion and two-time ring magazine fighter of the year. Holy is the only boxing champion to hold a world boxing and UFC title. If you are interested to know more about her, let’s get started.


What is holy famous for?

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  • Holly Holm is famous for winning world champion boxer and MMA player 18 times
  • She is the first and only fighter to hold world boxing and UFC title

Bio and Early Life

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Holy was born on 17th October 1981 in New Mexico United States. She belongs to white and Irish ethnicity and she has got other three siblings. Roger and Tammy Holm are her parents and they have been supportive all her life. When she decided to have boxing as her profession they inspired her to fulfill her dream. Her father has been working in the church as a preacher while her mother has been a massage therapist. She has got two elder brothers and they all are close to each other. Since her childhood, she has been very sporty and loves gymnastics, swimming, and diving.


Holy started to work towards the path of the world of boxing and kickboxing when she started her aerobic class at the age of 16. She won her first tournament in 2001 but began her professional career in 2002.

Apart from that, she started kickboxing after five months. The boxing record she has made is impressive and includes 33 wins and two losses. In 2011 she made her mixed martial arts debut and won against most of her opponents. Christina Domke and Katie Merill played against her but she played brilliantly to get the winning score. Many fans were unhappy that she announced to retire from boxing in 2013. She has renewed her six-fight contract with UFC in 2019 and also featured in a film fight valley that is based on an interesting story.

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Net Worth, Marriage, Dating

Holy got married to her long-time boyfriend and high school sweetheart Jeff Kirkpatrick. He is an American business and they have been in love for a long time. They got married but the marriage lasted for only a few years. Many people were surprised to know that they don’t have any child from this marriage. The total net worth of Holy happens to be $4 million and she is one of the most prominent sportspeople. Holly Holm made a lot of international headlines as she defeated Ronda Rousey at UFC 193. She has maintained a good image and tries to stay away from all the controversies.

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